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Adele Horin: RIP

Many Troppo readers will know of Adele Horin who died just a few days ago. When I went to write a message of condolence on her blog I was surprised not to find a long list of people who’d come before me. After I wrote what I wrote I discovered why. The blog appears to be set to pre-moderation, and there’s no-one in the back end who’s approving the comments. So I thought I’d reproduce her final blog post (I hope I’m as calm, lucid and good natured in my last hours) and my comment below – and invite others to offer their own comments should they wish.

Dear reader, my luck has run out

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Don’t mention the war causation (the thoughts of Annabel Crabb)

The Twittersphere was abuzz with pointless debate a couple of weeks ago when Annabel Crabb had a televisual meal with Coalition hardman Scott Morrison on her perniciously vacuous program Kitchen Cabinet.  My own views about that controversy are well encapsulated by Jennifer “No Place for Sheep” Wilson.

However I also acknowledged at least to myself that compering a vacuous TV program does not mean its host is equally intellectually shallow.  Plenty of deeply thoughtful journalists have found themselves assigned by their editors to writing Agony Aunt and gossip columns or even horoscopes.

Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to conclude that what a journalist writes about in a newspaper op-ed column does accurately reflect her real opinions and the quality of her intellectual and analytical powers.  By that standard Crabb’s column over the weekend doesn’t reflect well on her, suggesting that the shallow frippery of Kitchen Cabinet may be just about the right depth for her talents.  Here is what appears to be the sum total of Crabb’s understanding of the ISIS terrorism phenomenon:

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The Hunger Games: Some thoughts

When my niece Emma first told me the plot of the Hunger Games I was blown away. What a great story to reflect on our contemporary lives. A totalitarian state with media hype and reality TV at its cultural and political epicentre. A couple of kids – a boy and a girl – in the Hunger Games where one can only survive by killing all the others – who are trying to overthrow the bad guys and have a romance that cools off (if it ever heated up) but which they must keep going to improve their chances in the reality TV game. What a fantastic premise for adolescent and ‘young adult’ fiction! What a great melange of metaphors – another take on 1984 themes suffused by Roman bread and circuses (the country in which the action takes place is called Panem as in panem et circenses) and gladiatorial combat.

Anyway, I had a bit of a read of the book, but thought that I’d save some time by watching the movie. I’ve now finished watching the movies – with instalment four and enjoyed them immensely. The highlight is Jennifer Lawrence’s heroine Katniss Everdeen (Virtually all the characters have strange names, even if only slightly. One character is not Hamish but Haymitch). As this review says, in movies “women tend to be sidelined or trapped in the virgin-whore divide”.

If Katniss escaped that old binary it’s because Ms. Collins [the author of the books] created a character who exists outside the traditional confines of the feminine-masculine split, and because the movies have stayed true to that original conception. At once a hunter and a nurturer, Katniss is tough and teary, stoic and sentimental, which give her layers that reflect her changeable inner states as well as her public and private identities as daughter, sister, lover and leader. It’s instructive that she’s worn her most overtly glamour-girl outfits as part of the farcical role forced on her by the totalitarian government that rules Panem, having been dolled up with makeup and smiles for the televised sideshows that accompany the murderous games of the series title. She’s since graduated to basic battle black or unisex clothing that’s suggestive of a Dystopian Gap.

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A tragedy from beginning to end

Today marks the end of a 20 year saga that has indelibly scarred my life and those of my daughter Bec and former wife Jenny.  I’ve written partial accounts of it before here at Troppo.  I hope you’ll forgive another one, it’s catharsis.

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Natural gas, global warming and the NT

gas pipelinesI’ve written a few Northern Territory posts recently.  This is another one, but it has some significant national implications (I think). Tuesday’s announcement of Asian conglomerate Jemena as the preferred bidder to construct a gas pipeline connecting the Northern Territory to Queensland is a significant one for both the Territory and Australia.

Much of the talk since Tuesday’s announcement has emanated from opponents of shale gas fracking proposals in the Northern Territory.  However, although it’s fairly prospective, it isn’t even known at this stage how much if any shale gas is actually present or commercially recoverable.  Opponents paint the pipeline as an horrific prospect, providing the dastardly frackers a pathway to sell their evil products.  Clearly dangers exist, and I’m anything but an expert, but it appears that shale fracking is a lot less risky than coal seam gas.   Moreover, foreshadowed restrictions on areas for fracking appear reasonable and should reduce concerns except among hardline opponents:

Under measures announced by NT Chief Minister Adam Giles in Darwin on Wednesday, the government ruled out granting titles for oil and gas activities in residential areas and said it wouldn’t grant exploration permits or acreage in areas of intensive agriculture, or areas of high ecological or cultural significance.

In any event, you can see why the announcement has national implications from the above map.

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A tropical night in Darwin and another failed political coup

keziaThere has been yet another failed political coup in Darwin overnight, with the minority CLP government failing to carry a motion to sack Independent (and erstwhile CLP) Speaker Kezia Purick.

Keen watchers of the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera known as Territory politics will recall the failed CLP leadership coup early this year when nine of (then) 14 CLP members met secretly late at night and elected a new leader/Chief Minister in Willem Westra Van Holte to replace the deeply unpopular Adam Giles (who wasn’t present and wasn’t told about the meeting).  But Giles refused to go, the Administrator declined to appoint Van Holte as the new Chief Minister,  a couple of Giles cronies threatened to cross the floor and vote for a no confidence motion if the majority plotters persisted in trying to replace Giles, and so the plotters backed down.

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