Is Andrew Leigh frivolous or is he just joking?

Sometime Troppodillian commenter and source of large quantities of high quality analysis, Andrew Leigh has a section on his website called “Frivolous Stuff”.

Alas, all it says is “Watch this space….”.

I thought this was disappointing. But immediately donning my trusty and powerful ‘find the strengths in what the other person says’ lenses, I realised that the contents of the page were already suitably frivolous.

Still, I will watch the space and, I will wager that I will not be disappointed.

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1 Response to Is Andrew Leigh frivolous or is he just joking?

  1. Andrew Leigh says:

    Nicholas, you’re a cruel taskmaster. Here’s the history: when I was in the US, the page carried travel photos, and then wedding photos. When I transferred my site from Harvard to ANU, I figured those photos were out of date, and I’d wait until we’d done lots of photogenic Australian things. But then I forgot….

    So, please enjoy perusing a freshly-posted photogallery of our very-frivolous Keeshond, “Texas”.

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