Alexander gets his first wicket

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I told Alexander pictured above (he’s the good looking one), that I’d write a post on Troppo when he got his first cricket wicket. Well he got his first cricket wicket, so here is the post! Alexander is besotted with cricket and he’s a good bowler. You have been Warned!

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14 Responses to Alexander gets his first wicket

  1. Rafe says:

    If he bowls off breaks I can give him some coaching on the finer points of the art.

  2. Homer Paxton says:

    My oldest got his first wicket this year and he is now hitting fours well.

    My two are besotted by cricket but theur favourite is Andrew Flintoff!!

  3. Rafe says:

    He is a crowd pleaser and an extrovert. In contrast, offspinners tend to be introverts. Also in Australia the pitches are against as and so we have to be the deep thinkers of the game to get any wickets.

  4. Homer Paxton says:

    Offspinners are boring.

    Let him rip a legspinner or become a fast bowler.

    nick looks a bit like robert Hill

  5. Rex says:

    I’ll crack a tinny to that!

  6. Tony.T says:

    Does he follow in dad’s footsteps then, Nick? Were you a dab hand with the agate, getting sharp sideways movement off the pitch? Or were you a guileful tweaker?

    And when’s young Alex going to start an economics blog?

  7. Nope – I wasn’t much of a cricketer, and that’s putting it mildly. I was a good sprinter. That’s about it in the sporting area.

  8. nabakov says:

    Well he looks like a quick.

    However a word of long term advice young Alex, speaking as a former number three batsman and second slip for my school in secondary school comps.

    You get to hang around with girls a lot more if you take up tennis. And even the scanty financial pickings on the tennis satillite circuit are still a lot better than A grade club cricket.

    But hey, follow your heart. And the money. And the dames.

  9. Rafe says:

    Nab, why not first slip?

    Tennis sounds like a better bet but badminton is even better because you play in mixed teams.

    If you must play cricket, you have to be an allrounder. If you fail with the bat you get a chace to make amends and vice versa.

    Speaking as an opener, first change offspinner and longstop.

  10. Jason Soon says:

    homer is right, didn’t notice it before. nick could be robert hill’s long lost twin brother

  11. KC says:

    Congratulations Alexander

    and you too Nick – as they say in the classics ( somewhere surely)its a big responsibility being the father of a young, cute, Australian wicket-taking cricketer ( although often not quite as big a responsibility as it is being the mother!).

  12. saint says:

    Way to go Alexander.

  13. Helen says:

    He is a beautiful boy!

    I hope you meant you have been Warned, not Warne-d. Ewww.

  14. Stephen Hill says:

    Well done, I remember my first ever wicket – a played-on bowled of one of the opposition’s openers, which after rain stopped play left me with the stellar figures of 2-4. I’m sure there will be more wickets coming Alexander’s way.

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