Don’t ill-treat me pet dingo, Ringo

Those sixties were fun!

A while back I posted on Rolf Harris’s amazing song Sun Arise. Well in the process of doing so I downloaded a couple of additional files which intrigued me. One was called “Rolf Harris with The Beatles – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.mp3” and I’ve appended it for a while here.

It’s a lot of fun.

* The link is now down as bandwidth became expensive – over 1500 downloads. Email me at nicholas AT gruen DOT com DOT au and I’ll see if I can email it to you.

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9 Responses to Don’t ill-treat me pet dingo, Ringo

  1. Rafe says:

    You really had to be there!

  2. spog says:

    I liked Macca’s bass line.

  3. whyisitso says:

    Great stuff, Nicholas. I remember when the original version of this song came out in 1960. It contained a verse that goes:

    Let me abos go loose, Lew
    Let me abos go loose
    They’re of no further use, Lew
    So let me abos go loose
    Altogether now!

    This was expurgated from later versions and only us oldies remember it. Can you imagine what a ruckus that would cause these days if it were sung? In fact it wouldn’t surprise me greatly if Ken expurgated this comment!

  4. I remember the verse well. I guess you don’t know Ken. Why would he want to edit truthful reporting of a fact?

  5. truly a masterpiece, thanks for exposing this piece to the sunlight!

  6. Tim Coles says:

    Would you mind sending the Rolf/beatles file.
    Several us got talking and remeniscing about Rolf Harris at work today. He also did a public information film in the eighties about teaching your kids to swim, the last shot of which is his toe as he jumps backward into the water.

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  8. The Rolf and Beatles is on The Complete BBC Sessions Disk 06

    It was recorded on 18 Dec 1963 and broadcast on 26 Dec 1963 on the program “From Us to You”. The Beatles often did recordings, such as xmas ones, for fans and radio.

    The Complete BBC Sessions is a bootleg 9 CD box set from Great Dane Records, Italy. Total running time is approximately 10 hrs. 16 min. It is comprised of all the available recordings (from private collectors) of The Beatles appearences on BBC radio from March ’62 to June ’65. (All of these recordings couldn’t have been recorded off the air because a couple from ’64 are clearly the working recording sessions.) There were a total of 52 known appearences (not counting interviews), of which this collection has 44 (complete and partial).

    This collection also has some of the last known recordings of Pete Best playing with the Beatles.

    You could listen and watch an animated version in here on youtube

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