It’s … Aliiiiive!

Hello everyone;

Sorry about the walking-dead impression which Club Troppo has rendered in the last few days. Essentially we ran out of disk space which caused WordPress to behave quite poorly.

Still, it’s fixed. Please resume your regularly-scheduled blogalicious antics.

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2 Responses to It’s … Aliiiiive!

  1. Physical disk space or bandwidth allowance?

    Does wordpress get irritable below a certain amount of free space? Is this a fixed number or related to size?

    enquiring minds etc etc.

  2. Jacques Chester says:

    Physical on-disk space, to answer your question. Bandwidth has not yet to my knowledge been a consideration (and won’t be, see my announcement shortly).

    WordPress does not seem to have any error-handling code for file system failures due to disk limits. I don’t think it’s a magic number buried somewhere in the code. Rather it’s the operating system saying “can’t do that, no room”.

    Apparently this was triggered when a backup failed, prompting WordPress to go into a odd loop where it insisted that it was meant to be upgraded, then failing to upgrade because there was no upgraded files anyway.

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