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Who has eaten at Masani in Carlton lately? I’ll call my chef cousin tomorrow but wider input would be very much appreciated. It is becoming a long trek I tell you – almost a saga. The wedding plans hit a dead stop earlier this afternoon when I found it absolutely impossible to match wedding venue with eating venue. We have now decided the two should be one and the same to accommodate for people’s comfort, their age, wet weather and transport whew!

Problems occurred when places I thought were just grand have become different – what has happened to the Botanical? And Tolarno’s has been gutted/refurbished and gone nineties bland. Tamani’s is probably still OK but on second thoughts a little too casual – that is, the complete opposite of the twee “we will ring your bells for you” at soulless Sherbrook Lodge. So, I’ve been speaking to the ‘event manager’ at Masani. I remember that restaurant from the mid eighties – good solid food and an easy fairly robust atmosphere. Has it been at all wankerised – we have found a restaurant called the ‘Red Orange’ – go figure – we are not red orange types when it comes to a family get together. Thanks Rex for the link to Le Gourmet – I think we might be earthier than that though – we’ve been in Darwin a long time you know.

If you know Masani or you can think of somewhere else that has a bit of real continuity – same owners, traditional or just somewhere you can eat and drink a fair bit of good food and wine that also has a spot with a bit of atmosphere for a quick ceremony of “I do” – please let us know. Signed the increasingly moving toward the soulless package wedding Darwinites.

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  1. Jc says:

    The Bot. It’s great. Food is terrific and the place has a good feel about it. Bit loud though. Try the tuna sashimi as a starter.

    Pearl is also ok if you like fusion.

    Small place with great italian food is Da Noi. It’s basically as narrow as a hallow way and try and get a table downstairs as the stairs are very hard to navigate. Try the chef’s menu.

  2. Geoff Honnor says:

    “Red orange” is a bit of a wanky name (it is in deepest innerurbanati land, on the Prahran/South Yarra border) but I had dinner there last year and it was extremely good. Laid back, friendly, competent staff and very good food. It’s built round a palm tree – which you might find evocative of home – and they have big courtyard heaters to sustain the illusion.

  3. Jezery says:

    Elope!! Get married on the beach in Bali or something, and splurge on a great holiday for just the two of you.

    As wonderful as my wedding day was, it was not worth the worry, stress and heart-ache of the six months that preceded it.

    I had more fights with my fiancee (and both families), and cried more times, in the six months planning the wedding than in the 4 years we’d lived together before marriage.

  4. Simon says:

    I’ve eaten at Masani’s and I reckon there are lots of places in Melbourne where you could do much better for the same or less money. To me, it seemed to be stuck in the same rut for too long

    Maybe La Luna bistro up the road in North Carlton. They have a big function room upstairs. Or the Lincoln Dining Room at the Lincoln Hotel (although they have just changed hands). The Melbourne Good Food guide has an index of restaurants with private rooms. Perhaps you can get someone to buy you a copy and send it up.

  5. Tony T. says:

    Should you not be able to decide on a foreign named rist-o-rantey, why not try Smorgy’s all you can eat in Bundoora. Just up Plenty Rd on the right before Kingsbury Drive.

    If you get to the freeway, you’ve gone too far, but at least you can make gags about the bland south meringues.

  6. I reckon the celebrant would know what places work and what doesn’t. Unless she’s like the one from Kath ‘n’Kim. And most are from my experience.

    My suggestion is:

    Wattle Park Chalet – – great parkland setting – melbourne east – nice indoors – great outdoors – plenty of parking – space for kids – get in caterers – or go across the road to Bollywood Indian restaurant.

    Or why not St Pats Cathederal, I’ll officiate or you could get C.L.(at least I haven’t been convicted, or even accused, of sex offences. Yet.) Reception or meal or breakfast at the swishy hotel next door – I forget – ewr Sheraton I think. then stroll over to Treasury Gardens or Fitzroy Gardens for photos or a tour of Vic.Gov offices (and discreet top end bars, cigars and lap dancing joints) led by meself and Nabs.

    Take yr choice.

  7. P.S. in general I would keep away from anything with the moniker “carlton” these days.

    It may reflect your 17 year absence.

  8. jen says:

    The tour of the government offices sounds smashing, although my mother is probably not all that keen on lap dancers.

  9. Nabakov says:

    Tony’s just being silly. I’m sure he really meant to recommend the Waiters Club. Or Dracula’s Theatre Resturant.

    Seriously though, what’s your budget? How much per head, etc? We are rather spoilt for choice down here and t’would help if you tightened up your parameters a bit. As the Actress siad to the Bishop.

    And what Frankie said about Carlton.

  10. Tony T. says:

    Ditto Carlton; try North Melbourne next door, for the high class Witches In Britches.

  11. jen says:

    What is it about Carlton these days? Im becoming intrigued. Is it arrogance, complacency, fakery what????

  12. Laura says:

    Montsalvat? The food there is excellent. And any architectural resemblances to Hunchbax Theatre Restaurant are purely coincidental.

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