He said, she said #2786

On today’s RN News, the ABC reported that Lindsay Tanner had told the Insiders program that Kevin Rudd would lead the ALP to the next election.  This was one of the six most important things to tell us at 10.00 am this morning. Why is that news? What was he supposed to say? “Actually Barrie, that’s a good question, we’re thinking the same thing, we might dump Kevin, but right now we’re just sizing up our options”.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    Barrie Cassidy, Glen Milne, can’t tell the difference these days.

    Just another bunch of Insiders thinking they are the story – the story they’ve been stuck on for the last 6 months has been the ‘story’ that this Government and this PM are completely incompetent and have to go before the country goes down the plug hole.

    I haven’t witnessed such a relentless bashing of a Government in my time in Oz. It seems ridiculous when by any reasonable standards this has been quite a competent government particularly from an economic perspective.

    Extraordinary that we have a press that seems intent on wrecking the Government for what reasons I’m struggling to work out.

  2. I remember coalition supporters saying almost exactly the same things before the last election, Lloyd.

  3. ennui says:

    I think you are being a bit harsh on Cassidy – no journo is as bad as Milne!

    Supporters of either major party will always view criticism through partisan eyes. What is clearly different in this case is the attempt by certain elements of MSM to become a strategic player in the political process. In particular “the Oz” – here we see polemics rather than reporting, distortions rather than balance etc The running of such a partisan agenda by an important media outlet should be a concern for all fair-minded observers of Australian politics.

    It surely is a rather sad (and embarassing) chapter in the life of our only national broadsheet.

  4. chrisl says:

    Ennui: How come you can see the bias in the Oz but all those other gullible people can’t?

  5. Lloyd says:

    It’s not hard to spot chrisl.

    ‘Polemics rather than reporting’ sums it up perfectly.

    Try ‘political editor’ Shanahan as an example.

    Follow up with slam dunk (why in the f**k do they even bother) Glen Milne, then wade your way through the pomposity that is Paul Kelly.

    At least Paul trys to maintain some degree of integrity, the rest of the Oz’s journo’s don’t bother with the fiction.

    I haven’t mentioned their stars with the highest readership, Bolt who has some semblance of itelligence, Akerman who is the most shameless whore on the planet.

  6. chrisl says:

    Yet you read them Lloyd and you are not convinced! Somehow you can see through their lies! How is it possible that you can see through the BS , but nobody else can.
    The point I am trying to make is that people can read an article, analyse it, and make up their own mind.

    I was astonished that Kevin Rudd won the election
    I was astonished that Kevin Rudd remained popular
    I am astonished that Kevin Rudd is now very UNpopular

    But it is the very same media!

  7. ennui says:

    “Ennui: How come you can see the bias in the Oz but all those other gullible people can’t?”

    Sorry Chris but only the blind, the ignorant or the ideologically committed could think otherwise!

    I don’t argue with your right to accept crap – that surely is an issue for you to grapple with. But might I suggest that spending more time on critical analysis and less time consulting your predjudices would be a good start.

    It is not a problem to have strong views. The problem is to have nothing else.

  8. JamesK says:

    I am amazed at the government’s lack of ability to defend itself. It was not a problem when the opposition were so rudderless but now they have a vaguely competent head kicker in charge the government has been exposed very badly.

    The opposition has been very focused and keep hammering away at their core strategy of using every opportunity to try to undermine KR’s credibility.

    The government does not appear to have a strategy, their lack of a clear message allows the opposition to control the public dialogue no matter what the issue.

    The government sound like John Hewson trying to explain the GST.

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