Most fatuous bit of media punditry for 2011

Not two weeks gone – and this:

Labor needs a comeback. Fast. Julia Gillard’s dogged insistence she will return the budget to surplus in 2012-13 is growing old.

So she should tighten fiscal policy. You wouldn’t want a policy with a three year horizon to ‘grow old’ now would we?

Words fail me.

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One Response to Most fatuous bit of media punditry for 2011

  1. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Have I over-reacted? Probably.

    Jess sought comment on her column on Twitter and I tweeted “@Jess_Irvine Some argued this through the boom years. But why tighten fiscal pol because an old promise is ‘growing old’ ????”

    She replied “I just meant that they need something snazzier to sell the message that they are already tightening fiscal policy.”

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