Free SIM card for a couple of weeks in the States

I’ve just got back from the USA and whilst there bought a SIM card for $60 which entitled me to one month’s free calls throughout the US to mobiles and landlines and to landlines in other countries including Oz.  Oh – and unlimited data – though not very fast after the first 100 mess which got used up in a couple of days. It was good value, and it’s got about two weeks to run. Anyone want it?

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  1. Ummm,…. ah…. er….. using someone else’s simcard has its hazards.
    Will whoever takes it be finding themselves in a Dr. Haneef style mess?
    Or will some Deputy Sherriff (with paunch) be handcuffing the simcard holder after a highway chase, for purported downloading of “inappropriate” or perhaps even “terrorist sympathetic” data in that first 100mb?

  2. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Interesting thought. It is in fact a way the Israeli secret service blew up a Palestinian operative. They managed to get him using a SIM and then fired some missiles at the SIM. I won’t do anything like that – promise.

  3. Chris Lloyd says:

    Sorry this is slightly off topic, but your mention of data charges reminded me of something I wanted to air and get some comment on.

    Earlier this year, my son spent 6 weeks in Europe. He did not use his phone for calls, just a few texts. He got a bill for $2400 – all data download associated with apps that he was not using. He complained to Telstra for 30 minutes – no result. He complained again and escalated it up two levels of management. He complained specifically about not being warned (using proper legal speak – he is currently doing law). It took about an hour of arguing but… the bill was waived and he was given $50 credit on his next month’s bill!

    His friend got a bill for $1500 for the same thing. He got 50% waived after arguing for an hour. He is furious now that he did not get 100% waived.

    I am getting the impression that these data charges are not legal, otherwise Telstra would not waive them. But most people just pay it. Has anyone had similar experience?

  4. Marek says:

    going to the USA next year, what was the sim card that you got?

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