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Meme Weaver

Yesterday I followed this mellifluously titled article on why the author hadn’t been able to write a best selling ‘ideas book’. This is what I had to do. First, I needed to have a platform. A platform is something you stand on. … Continue reading

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Melbourne Ignite – on again on Nov 30th

Another Ignite Melbourne is on! What is that? Ignite is a format for public speaking which emerged from the tech sector. You get exactly 5 minutes to speak and you must speak to slides that move forward at a preset … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with inequality?

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has a message for the Occupy Wall Street protesters: Keep focusing on gross inequality of outcomes and you’ll get nowhere. Haidt and his colleagues have developed a theory about how people make moral judgments. He argues that … Continue reading

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In da house of Lords

My previous post on the right led to my discovery of this great clip. Many will already have seen it. Anyway, enjoy.

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Tweeting the Qantas shutdown

Update – Tweets placed in a more coherent context in In search of Qanilingus at CDU Law and Business Online. NB Australian Financial Review arguably has the best coverage and has no paywall for the weekend. downesyStephen Downes by CDUlawschool Alan … Continue reading

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The intellectual collapse of the right

John Quiggin reprises an old theme of his – which I recall supporting previously (I’d forgotten that my post “the stupid party” was actually in response to another of John’s posts/columns). In any event, I was talking to a CIS person … Continue reading

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Asian Language and Cultural Proficiency in Australia

Edit – I really want opposing views. Anyone who thinks there is a strong case for a concerted push for more literacy, please give it in comments At the Lowy Interpreter Andrew Carr says “One policy guaranteed to feature in the … Continue reading

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