Seeking a viable pre-retirement investment strategy …

Twitter even allows you to convey complex if slightly tongue-in-cheek ideas, but possibly only to people who bother to follow the links:

11 hours ago

CDU Law School
CDUlawschoolCDU Law School

1/2 Houses not o/priced but will fall over time due boomer retirement Hmmm…

CDUlawschoolCDU Law School

2/2 Commercial property through floor & prone to bubbles super r/s. Shoe box under bed only answer…


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Ken Parish is a legal academic at Charles Darwin University, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law) and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 12 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in he early 1990s.
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16 Responses to Seeking a viable pre-retirement investment strategy …

  1. whyisitso says:

    Can one do a TAFE course to learn this language (if one can be bothered)?

  2. Ken Parish says:

    Have you considered auditioning for the Grumpy Old Men TV show, whyisitso? You’d be a natural.

  3. whyisitso says:

    Don’t worry Ken, men often go through a mid-life crisis before reaching old age. You’ll get over it.

  4. Patrick says:

    Ken hasn’t reached old age???

  5. Ken Parish says:

    I’m oscillating between the red sports car delusion and the lawn bowls reality.

  6. fxh says:

    So Ken , you are hip and down with the young kids?

  7. Ken Parish says:

    “So Ken , you are hip and down with the young kids?”

    Being serious for a sec, tweeting and maintaining the CDU Law and Business Online social media presence, until other volunteer academics have finished exam marking, is currently consuming all my available blogging time. At the same time, Nicholas, Richard and Don aren’t posting so I’m trying to generate some meaningful new content on Troppo by recycling tweets. It’s very much an experiment but IMO there’s real meaning and nuance in them if read in sequence including the linked material. Whyisitso obviously doesn’t agree but he’s a crusty old Tory so you’d expect that. The abbreviated expression is dictated by the 140 character limit of Twitter not a desire to be hip and down with the young kids.

  8. whyisitso says:

    If I wanted to be a twit I’d also have to get a Twitter account.

  9. KB Keynes says:

    come on Whyisitso ,

    you have always been a bit of a neattweet

  10. Homer Paxton says:

    And “my” puns have always been a-paul-ing,

  11. KB Keynes says:

    that is your punningshment Whyisitso

  12. desipis says:

    There is something karmic about seeing an academic being burdened with a character limit given their propensity for burdening students with word limits.

  13. JC says:

    Seeking a viable pre-retirement investment strategy …

    Ah yes, the retirement investment strategy with (the now) horizon period of a day trader and everything correlated 1:1.

    The funniest thing I read for a while was Nic’s comment of about a week ago about all those “clairvoyants” on the ECED thread predicting gloom and doom.

    Honestly, if you have a time horizon longer than a week even in real estate you’re a long term investor.

  14. Jennifer says:

    And speaking of criticism from unlikely quarters – how is this about Noam Chomsky. I would have thought such a bottom up kind of guy would welcome the populist and participatory possibilities for information sorting that Twitter opens up. But apparently no.

  15. Tel says:

    I’m oscillating between the red sports car delusion and the lawn bowls reality.

    Now that you mention it I’m surprised Ferrari haven’t already come out with a merchandised set of red lawn bowls. I presume we will see the new kit this Christmas.

  16. jennifer says:


    A word limit is a blessing. It forces a student not to stray too far from the bleedin’ obvious into far flung territories that may well be interesting – even relevant, but are time consuming when ‘time is of the essence’.

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