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Complexity, context dependency and the (difficult) ascent of man

I read an article with an attractive title recently. “Complexity and Context-Dependency“.  It’s not very good, but it raises an important point that is important to what I call the psycho-pathology of disciplines and it puts me in mind of … Continue reading

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PM’s Science Prize: Nobel Prize preferred but not necessary

A highlight of my calendar I have to say – since I inadvertently morphed into Mr Innovation and they started inviting me. Did you have an absolutely fantastic science teacher? Now’s the time to get them some recognition. NOMINATION CALL … Continue reading

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Archiving Government websites: Should it really be this hard?

When I did the Government 2.0 Taskforce, one of the subjects that was earnestly discussed was archiving of government sites.  It’s a big problem in government. I could never see why it should be a big problem. After all you … Continue reading

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Clairvoyance in the commentary box: a vignette from the psychopathology of modern life

I remember being at a wedding reception talking to someone who was 70 odd.  I asked them whether in their day it was normal for the bride and groom to put the tip of the knife in the cake and … Continue reading

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Missing Link Friday – Australia Day etc

Katie’s Australia Day – Brazilian style! Food blogger Katie Quinn Davies’ Australia Day recipes. Australia Day from afar: "One of the most surprising things for me to experience out of Australia was people saying–even in the American South!–Australia’s really racist, … Continue reading

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An overheard bus conversation. Recounted without comment.

A) Hey, you know what today is? Invasion Day! B) What? A) Invasion Day. B) Invasion Day? A) Yeah,  ’cause it’s the day they invaded us Kooris. B)  Oh, InVASion Day A) So all those people wearing Australian flags are … Continue reading

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Gizmodo loses it: Google has not turned evil (at least not yet . . .)

What a load of old sensationalist nonsense. I’m seriously starting to worry about Giz. If I want to search anonymously there is a thing called an anonymous tab. And I don’t log into my Google account outside work because why … Continue reading

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