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Mind the Gap

Several years ago I posted a graphic plotting countrys GDP per head against mean lifetime and drawing attention to the tragic loss of life in southern Africa, mainly due to AIDS. There is a fantastic data visualisation tool called GapMinder … Continue reading

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Jury Service

..Looks like a quiet night. I need to get something off my chest. I have just received a notice from the Juries Commission in Victoria that I am wanted for jury service. It’s one of the letters a busy person dreads. You … Continue reading

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This weeks Peter Roebuck award*

Well, Gideon Haigh may be the embodiment of “self-loathing leftism”, but at least he’s been known to buckle on the pads – photo by Rae Allen on Flickr …goes to Gideon Haigh. Last Sunday was the first episode of Outsiders on … Continue reading

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Monkey Business

Let’s start by admiting that a black man being banned for three matches for calling a dark brown Australian man a monkey is pretty peculiar. Next will be Ricky Ponting being banned for calling an English player a pommy bastard. … Continue reading

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Could publishing perish?

This post follows on from a discussion begun by Paul Fritjers and continued HERE. Most human activity has changed drastically over our lifetimes. And the rate of change is increasing see for instance the next generations user interface for computers. … Continue reading

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Slanted Eye of the Beholder

Econometricians are often pretty smart at thinking up ways to measure things. I recently attended a seminar by Professor Matthew Gentzkow from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business who is doing research on the vexed issue of media slant. … Continue reading

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Democracy 4 Sale

It is a rare for me to agree with Janet Albrechtsen. Still rarer for me to hear her say, almost verbatim, an idea that I have bored my friends with for years. In yesteday’s Australian she draws attention to the … Continue reading

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