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David Walker runs publishing consultancy Shorewalker DMS ( David has previously edited the award-winning INTHEBLACK business magazine, been chief operating officer of online publisher WorkDay Media, held policy and communications roles at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and the Business Council of Australia, and run the website for online finance start-up eChoice. He has written professionally on economics, business and public policy since 1987 and spent three years in the Canberra Press Gallery for News Limited and The Age.

The automation trade-off

My latest column for The CEO Magazine looks at how the automation deal is breaking down. Normally the deal in modern economies is that we accept that technological change and automation will screw up a bunch of people’s lives, but in … Continue reading

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The Snowy announcement shows why we need a better way

My latest column for The CEO Magazine looks at Malcolm Turnbull’s recent Snowy announcement and asks: isn’t there a better way to make infrastructure decisions? The particular process I’d like to see around the Snowy announcement is an independent and … Continue reading

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Trump: the system is working

If you’re at all like me, you see and hear a bunch of people complaining that with the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, the world has gone mad and anything could happen. The New York Times today published … Continue reading

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Standing up for cities

My latest column for The CEO Magazine extends my updated Troppo post on decentralisation. As I dug further into the issue for this column, I was startled by the extent to which governments have not just paid lip-service to decentralisation, … Continue reading

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The Spirit Of Iffy Things

ABC Radio National’s The Spirit Of Things is a long-running show about spirituality presented by Dr Rachael Kohn. Its territory extends from straight interviews with interesting people to the more way-out fringes of spirituality. Kohn and co-producer Geoff Wood journeyed out onto … Continue reading

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Against decentralising: why crowded is good

Note: This post was original published on 6 July 2015; I’ve updated and reposted it because the Victorian Liberal Party is now pushing a decentralisation agenda. Once again this week we’re hearing the argument that Australia would be a much better … Continue reading

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Wanted: Ground rules for referendums

There’s a reason that the UK’s vote on EU departure seems so strange, and it applies regardless of whether you like Brexit or not. It’s this: the UK has made what might be a very substantial change to its own nature … Continue reading

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