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David Walker runs publishing consultancy Shorewalker DMS ( David has previously edited the award-winning INTHEBLACK business magazine, been chief operating officer of online publisher WorkDay Media, held policy and communications roles at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and the Business Council of Australia, and run the website for online finance start-up eChoice. He has written professionally on economics, business and public policy since 1987 and spent three years in the Canberra Press Gallery for News Limited and The Age.

A 50 per cent top rate makes sense

My column last week for The CEO Magazine reiterates a point made previously at Troppo: the weight of research shows decisively that high marginal tax rates have little effect on the efforts of most high-income earners. Sample quote: “These research … Continue reading

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Will the bank levy actually lower bank profits? Maybe not.

In the comments section of my earlier post about hatred of the banks, John Walker (no relation) asked: If the big four did pass on the tax to their customers, do you think the ‘non big four’ banks, building societies … Continue reading

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“We saw bad research everywhere”

Via Andrew Gelman’s site, here’s a TED talk by US philanthropist Laura Arnold entitled “The Four Most Dangerous Words? A New Study Shows”. It details her journey through the world of social, medical, psychological and other research. It’s a lively … Continue reading

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Airport rail links should be a low(ish) priority

With airport rail links in the news in both Sydney and Melbourne, here’s my recent column for The CEO Magazine arguing that most transport systems have higher priorities. Most people seem to love the idea of airport rail links. Some … Continue reading

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A short history of Australian bank hatred (plus extra Barbara!)

My latest column for The CEO Magazine sees Scott Morrison enjoying his move to the political centre via the new bank levy. I still haven’t worked out whether this particular $1.5 billion a year bank liabilities tax is actually good policy. But … Continue reading

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Lessons from that United Airlines passenger-dragging incident

On the assumption that everyone in the online universe has now viewed the video of a plain-clothes policeman dragging a United Airlines passenger off his flight (see below), a few brief observations about United’s deeply evil nature failure of problem-solving skills. … Continue reading

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The automation trade-off

My latest column for The CEO Magazine looks at how the automation deal is breaking down. Normally the deal in modern economies is that we accept that technological change and automation will screw up a bunch of people’s lives, but in … Continue reading

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