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Morale and public goods: some unsurprising research

Does the reliability of institutions affect public good contributions? Evidence from a laboratory experiment By: Jahnke, Björn ; Fochmann, Martin ; Wagener, Andreas Reliable institutions – i.e., institutions that live up to the norms that agents expect them to keep – … Continue reading

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Seeking traction in the swamp of identity politics

I was listening to a recent episode of Big Ideas featuring Steven Oliver who gave a good account of himself I think. He also recited a poem which has gone viral on YouTube. You may have read it, heard it or heard of … Continue reading

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The French Film Vestibule is Upon Us

As you know, despite spending millions on marketing to get the word out, our arts industry, for easily understood commercial reasons, doesn’t effectively get the word out about whether their products are any good or not. So for the cost … Continue reading

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Do Women Ask? (Hint: yes)

Do Women Ask? Benjamin Artz, Amanda H. Goodall, and Andrew J. Oswald, September 2016 Abstract: Women typically earn less than men. The reasons are not fully understood. Previous studies argue that this may be because (i) women ‘don’t ask’ and … Continue reading

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Lunch, academic performance, obesity

School Lunch Quality and Academic Performance, by Michael L. Anderson, Justin Gallagher, Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie Improving the nutritional content of public school meals is a topic of intense policy interest. A main motivation is the health of school children, and, … Continue reading

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Who buys social responsibility

Is Socially Responsible Production a Normal Good?, Jana Friedrichsen This paper uses a controlled laboratory experiment to investigate the effect of wealth on individual social responsibility (ISR), defined as choosing a more socially responsible product if a cheaper alternative is available. … Continue reading

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Poverty and Productivity

This is a pretty weak study, but even so, it’s certainly pretty plausible that poverty depresses productivity. And the effect could be quite substantial. <irony>Which would explain why business is pretty strongly campaigning to minimise poverty in our society as part of … Continue reading

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