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Things worth doing: tackling child poverty edition

I’ve previously commented that Brian Howe was the great, quiet achiever of the Hawke/Keating years, who then turned around out of office and, rather than burnish his own reputation, got right on with the business playing a major role in … Continue reading

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Competitive neutrality in finance: an idea who’s time has come

I wrote this piece in the Guardian to keep stirring the pot on post-ideological reform, unaware that I would be outflanked and outgunned on my left by Peter Costello who wants to socialise compulsory super. #Srsly. Which bank could give Australians a better bang for their … Continue reading

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Inspirational video du jour

Here at Troppo, we’re not that big on inspirational videos. But, to use the immortal words of Groucho Marx, in this case the entire Troppo collective (which in this case includes me) is making an exception.

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Greek Film Vestibule

Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks Roza Of Smyrna (Opening Night) Preparing for an exhibition in the Turkish city of Izmir (formerly known as Smyrna), a collector of historic objects and curiosities, Dimitris, finds an untold story waiting … Continue reading

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Taking competitive neutrality seriously: My challenge to the PC

Reproduced from today’s  Mandarin Around the world, finance is a major policy problem driven ultimately by the ease with which insiders can advantage themselves (sometimes illegally, but mostly legally) against outsiders — the mug punters who must pay for financial services. … Continue reading

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Mike Pepperday – Time to Go: Should we begin the great task of our species – colonising space?

We are accustomed to the concept of colonising the solar system and populating the universe. We think of it as a project for the distant future but perhaps we should be getting on with it. I offer three reasons, any … Continue reading

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Patricia Edgar: What are Children’s Television Programs and should we preserve them? Part 3

A new programming approach for children today (Continued from Parts One and Two.) There is no justification for the Government to fund children’s television and media, if it is not for the clear developmental benefit of children. There are ample other … Continue reading

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