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Arise Nicholas Gruen: Economic Rockstar

Yes, it is a little over the top isn’t it? Anyway, here’s Frank’s interview with me last Friday night.

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The Big Con – Reassessing the “Great” Recession and its “Fix”

The Big Con – Reassessing the “Great” Recession and its “Fix” by Laurence J. Kotlikoff Abstract: Most economists differ, not on the causes of the Great Recession, but on their relative importance. They concur, though, on the basic problem, namely … Continue reading

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Economic forecasts: more easy wins go begging

In late June this year CEDA asked me to reprise an earlier presentation I gave to them on forecasting. They also asked for a blog post which I also reproduce below. Add one more item to the Overton Juggernaut, my term for that … Continue reading

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Protectionists: I hate these guys

People you don’t like – they’re everywhere International Competition and Adjustment: Evidence from the First Great Liberalization by Stephane Becuwe, Bertrand Blancheton, Christopher M. Meissner – #25173 (DAE ITI) Abstract: France and Great Britain signed the Cobden Chevalier treaty in … Continue reading

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Konstantin Kisin is a comedian who was born in Russia and emigrated to Britain with his family when he was twelve. And he’s a friend of mine whom I met at the inimitable Kilkenomics. Like most comedians he’s a thoughtful guy. … Continue reading

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Teen mothers and the success of their kids

Grandparents, Moms, or Dads? Why Children of Teen Mothers Do Worse in Life by Anna Aizer, Paul J. Devereux, Kjell G. Salvanes – #25165 (CH ED HE LS) Abstract: Women who give birth as teens have worse subsequent educational and … Continue reading

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Results of equal opportunity programs that will MAKE YOU GASP!!

Do Equal Employment Opportunity Statements Backfire? Evidence From A Natural Field Experiment On Job-Entry Decisions by Andreas Leibbrandt, John A. List – #25035 (LE LS) Labor force composition and the allocation of talent remain of vital import to modern economies. … Continue reading

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