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Gender diversity, innovation and performance #WAINS?

And the Children Shall Lead: Gender Diversity and Performance in Venture Capital by Paul A. Gompers, Sophie Q. Wang Abstract: With an overall lack of gender and ethnic diversity in the innovation sector documented in Gompers and Wang (2017), we ask … Continue reading

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Five ways to tell if you’re REALLY doing strategy

Cross posted from the Mandarin. Introduction Strategy is crucial for organisations. But as I’ve previously argued, a great deal of what passes for strategic thinking is a kind of anti-thinking. Typically strategy begins by determining some overarching objective – the end – with … Continue reading

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Colin Hay

I’m a big fan of Colin Hay, whom I saw on stage for the first time about three years ago. Hilariously funny and great songs. I particularly like “It’s a beautiful world”. The video above is a good clip showing how … Continue reading

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High wages are good for growth: jobs and growth

I’ve always thought that, if there’s an economic driver for Australian culture it’s the high demand for labour – exceeding supply a lot of the time – that applied in Australia from the convict period on and the resulting uppityness of workers – including … Continue reading

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From the department of ‘Wow!’: Externalities of coal storage

Handle with Care: The Local Air Pollution Costs of Coal Storage. by Akshaya Jha, Nicholas Z. Muller – #23417 (EEE PE) Abstract: Burning coal is known to have environmental costs; this paper quantities the local environmental costs of transporting and … Continue reading

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Status Goods: Platinum Credit Cards, Social Situations and Psychological Wellbeing

Status Goods: Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards by Leonardo Bursztyn, Bruno Ferman, Stefano Fiorin, Martin Kanz, Gautam Rao – #23414 (DEV LS PE) Abstract: This paper provides novel field-experimental evidence on status goods. We work with an Indonesian bank that … Continue reading

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An exchange on deliberative democracy

Below is a spirited exchange between me and Barry Jones on deliberative democracy which I reproduce with his permission. He won’t be participating in any online debate because as he puts it I … confess to being a total abstainer where social … Continue reading

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