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OECD brain eaten by environmental memes

The OECD has joined The Movement. In a new report it’s saying that plastic recycling isn’t working. So we’ve got to make it work. Fair enough. Perhaps we should. But you’d think that reading their material on it, there might be some discussion as … Continue reading

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Citizens’ juries as activism: holding political elites to their constitutional role

For some time now we’ve been ‘proving up’ citizens’ juries as a means of consulting the people, but generally within the context of governments being in charge. As a result they’ve been mostly relatively innocuous. For instance the first two in … Continue reading

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Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles (Deutschland films that is)

Beginning tomorrow. Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks The Silent Revolution (Opening Night) It’s 1956 and during a visit to West Berlin, high school students Theo and Kurt witness dramatic footage of the Budapest uprising. Back at in … Continue reading

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Orations, orations orations … out they go

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Shared Value

I’d like to write up some thoughts regarding Shared Value some time, but I’ve not had the time and there’s a fair few things in front of it in the queue.  So in case anyone’s interested here’s quite a good panel session on the … Continue reading

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RICHARD GREEN: Sakura, 5 years later

I saw this post by previous Troppo regular Richard 塚正, the Troppo author previously known as Richard Green and tweeted a suggestion that he republish it here. To which I got the reply: “I long since lost my password and was too lazy … Continue reading

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Anzac Day Redux

We’re nothing here at Club Pony if we’re not banging on about the Issue of the Day and the Issue of the Day is Anzac Day. Owing to continuing flatlining in Troppo’s celebrity endorsement and themed fluffy toy revenue and the Troppo elves striking … Continue reading

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