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Reality TV and the atrophy of our culture and institutions

I’ve written about the remarkable phenomenon of reality TV before, but just want to make a quick note of something here. The tweet above would have been unimaginable just a decade ago. I won’t say reality TV caused the conditions that made … Continue reading

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Ethics: of the unethical variety

This post is based on a comment on an article promoting informed consent for experiments. I don’t seem to have got a response from the author, so in case others wished to discuss, I thought I’d post it here. While most of the … Continue reading

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Larrikin youth: new evidence on crime and schooling

By Tony Beatton ; Michael P. Kidd ; Stephen Machin ; Dipa Sarkar This paper reports new evidence on the causal link between education and male youth crime using individual level state-wide administrative data for Queensland, Australia. Enactment of the Earning … Continue reading

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Slow Democracy: how representation by random selection can rebalance our stricken democracy

I’ve outlined some of the pathologies of what I call ‘vox pop’ democracy in various posts from time to time. As Western democracy degrades before our very eyes (President Donald Trump wasn’t really imaginable a decade or so ago and is still hard … Continue reading

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Why can’t a woman be more like a man?

In reciting his famous ditty, Henry Higgins offers a comical take on an ancient dilemma. This is a brief postscript to my essay on Care where I rather surprised myself by expounding my take on ‘feminist economics’ and the ethics of care. There’s an inherent … Continue reading

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Crikey: now is the time …

For those wishing to participate in the group Crikey subscription, please email me on ngruen AT gmail with “Crikey” in the subject heading and after a week or so I’ll send the details onto Cricky and they’ll be in touch.

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Testament of youth: the book

Regular readers may know of my fondness for the recent film of Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth, so I was intrigued to come upon this fantastic book on the subject. I say ‘book’ because in many ways this is how I think books … Continue reading

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