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History and economics: it was all there in the beginning …

<SelfIndulgenceAlert>Stuart MacIntyre was kind enough to suggest me as a discussant on a paper on financial deregulation in the 1980s in a workshop focusing on Australia and the Bretton Woods conference put on by Melbourne Uni History and Economic History. … Continue reading

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Adam Smith was a feminist economist: Care – the essay

This recent essay in the Mandarin is a reworking of an essay I wrote in 2016 in a string of essays in which I developed the idea of the Evaluator General. I was following Gary Sturgess’ suggestion that governments should not think of themselves as producing … Continue reading

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War on empathy, war on confidence, war on context

Cross posted with the Mandarin Nicholas Gruen has argued that it’s much harder to realise evidence-based policy – both institutionally and intellectually – than many calling for it realise. Here he explains how putatively ‘scientific’ and ‘objective’ approaches can, paradoxically, compromise their efficacy … Continue reading

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An unpublished column on Brexit: until now!

From around January this year I’ve tried to get the column below published – in the Guardian UK where my previous column was published. Unfortunately, and even after endless cajoling via the Guardian at this end, I couldn’t get a reply which … Continue reading

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We know WHAT we need to do. Will someone tell us HOW?

When policy problems are complex, we need to understand and learn from the front line. With desperately need to improve the early, middle and late stages of institutional learning and change-making, to enable successful policy development. From the recent Mandarin … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman’s incredible invisibility trick

It’s impossible to avoid misjudgements in life or to get all one’s predictions right. But should economists get caught out quite so often.  Paul Krugman is honest and self-critical. So he’s up for identifying what economists missed about globalisation – … Continue reading

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Crikey group sub: it’s on again

The ClubTroppo Crikey Group sub is on again. Please email me on ngruen at G mail if you’d like to participate. Please put ‘crikey’ in the subject heading to reduce your chances of your email getting lost in translation (All … Continue reading

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