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French Film Festival

  Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks The Extraordinary (Opening Night) The Extraordinary is based on the real-life figure of Stéphane Benhamou who runs an informal shelter in Paris for autistic youth who have fallen through the cracks … Continue reading

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Vale Dr Homer Rieth

Dr Homer Rieth, the subject of a marvellous profile by Earshot on Radio National has died. It’s an amazing story of a true philosopher, at least as suggested by the etymology of the word as a lover of wisdom. He … Continue reading

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The ghost of Descartes: Why is economics so uninterested in practical problem solving?

Initially published as Part One. Now with the final two sections added. Minds are not for thinking, traditionally conceived, but for doing, for getting things done in the world in real time Wilson and Foglia, “Embodied Cognition“, Stanford Encyclopedia of … Continue reading

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A panel on bitcoin

A few weeks ago I participated in a really good panel chaired by Mark Pesce for John Allsopp’s renowned Web Directions conference. The subject of the panel was bitcoin and digital money. All the panellists had something useful to say for … Continue reading

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The coronavirus beatup

OK, well that heading and graphic were linkbait. I’m a firm believer in my own and everyone else’s ignorance. But here’s some correspondence from someone for whom I have great respect that I received this morning you may wish to … Continue reading

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Car manufacturing and Australia: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

What might have been, had we had a crack. Herewith a piece commissioned by Sam Roggeveen and appearing previously at the Lowy Institute’s blog, now for the delectation of the cognoscenti here at Troppo. 1975 – The odd tale of … Continue reading

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Intellectual authoritarianism: The Golden Age of Female Philosophy Edition

I do think that in normal times a lot of good female thinking is wasted because it simply doesn’t get heard. Mary Midgley I’ve written about the blokey intellectual authoritarianism of economics on numerous occasions, for instance writing here about how it … Continue reading

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