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Isolated and angry?

“Isolated and angry” an apt descriptor of Far South Sydney’s [pen]insular white trash? Err, no it actually refers to residents of geographical middle Sydney. Of course, The Australian‘s headline is meant to refer to cultural, rather than geographical isolation. But … Continue reading

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Terror arrests ¢â¬â a hypothetical

Suppose you’re at a rollicking pub. An obviously very-drunk man is staggering about, brandishing his car-keys. From what you can understand from his slurred speech, his intention is to shortly drive home. Do you: (a) try to gently talk him … Continue reading

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Don¢â¬â¢t execute the Bali bombers . . .

. . . instead make them listen to the latest novelty ring-tone, on endless loop I’m not sure if such an idea has yet crossed the minds of this Indonesian/American odd couple, but once you start using music in the … Continue reading

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Welcome from the Australasian Family Association

For those who don’t know anything about me, I used to be a regular solo blogger here. I’m now pleased to join the illustrious Troppo crew as an occasional (monthly) guest blogger. As a special treat for my first guest … Continue reading

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