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Labor Leadership Lollapalooza. Furniture saved now time to sit in it.

The excitement is palpable, the atmosphere is electric, the game is in motion as media attention quickly turns away from the dull low-wattage reality of the Coalition win, to the contest that really matters – The leadership of Labor in … Continue reading

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Mums the word. This is not an equity argument

“This is not an equity argument” said Tony Abbott on this morning’s Chat n’ Chew with Fran. “Its’ a watershed social reform, it’s an idea whose time has come?” This was in answer to the first ever half-serious line of … Continue reading

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Abbott jumps the shark

Just as the Coalition surges ahead to the lead in this election and Mr. Rudd’s increasing signs of rude ill-health are threatening to burst out from his rapidly expanding jowls, fitness freakoid and PM apparent Tony Abbott, who has been … Continue reading

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Cover Art

There’s a beauty to cover songs.  The musician, free from obligation to be new, hip commercial or even original, has simply to play homage to the songs that they love. When some people, not big stars, just talented people with … Continue reading

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Ecuador intervention bolsters Assange’s claim. Sweden and Australia just part of the conga line.

A gusty performance by Ecuador, granting asylum to Julian Assange. Assange’s claim that he faces further extradition to the US  from a disingenuous Sweden, appears to be borne out by the Ecuadorian behind-the-scenes investigations. A simple assurance from the Swedes … Continue reading

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Waiting for my real life to begin

They played the studio version of this song by Colin Hay on the day that we learned that Greg Ham had died.   It was a good choice. I saw Colin Hay play this song back in 2002 at Woodford.  Back … Continue reading

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Anzac Day Post

Anzac Day. A day for reminiscing. A day for remembering great deeds, and the heroic words that were written about them.

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