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Nietzschean evolutionary psychology

I have a strange habit of looking for bargain books. Why is this a strange habit? Because it looks awfully like a false economy. After all, even if you don’t read a book through, just reading a few chapters might take you … Continue reading

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2003: Tom Friedman takes his fatuity for a power-walk

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Shorewalker’s flotsam, February 2014

This is an experiment in occasional linkage to insights that might outlast the daily news cycle. If you find any of it interesting, let us know in the comments. Five reasons why 2013 was the best year In human history … Continue reading

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Protest before the ‘me’ generation

I recall about twenty years ago now, I was taking a law tute in Legal Theory. The lecturer was pretty awful and spent huge amounts of time in his lectures explaining why his side of a particular debate – with … Continue reading

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Worth a Look

Jeff Sparrow on ‘the Imbecilic Andrew Bolt’ and Unseen Academicals: …“My problem is not,” [writes Alecia Simmonds], “that our public sphere harbours ill-educated members (like the imbecilic Andrew Bolt who never made it past first-year uni).” Sorry? Anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cute picture: could have been yours for 45K

I’ve never heard of EDwin Tanner, but he does a cute line in pictures if this is anything to go by. It went under the hammer at 45K (I think plus 20 odd per cent buyer’s premium) last Dec. Details here.

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The Chinese leadership’s Marcos-like numbers

Reuters’ Counterparties blog assembles Marcos-like numbers for China: “The perception that China is ruled by wise leaders adhering to neo-Confucian ideals has been contradicted by revelations of the massive wealth accumulated by its elite: an estimated $2.7 billion by the family … Continue reading

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