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The peacock’s tail

Well it’s not that beautiful, but then lots of bird’s tails are not that beautiful. But make a few simple evolutionary rules and somewhere amazing things happen.  Like this website on accommodation in Chester that thinks that if it republishes … Continue reading

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Peter Faris goes meta

While it’s very unedifying when people are stirred up, I enjoy the odd ‘meta’ discussion, or at least thinking about what the right principles are for discussion in the blogosphere. So I was intrigued to see them eloquently expounded in … Continue reading

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Wrapping up 2008: the year of the first blogged financial crisis

I wrote this column for the Fin at the end of the year only to discover that I was on leave. Anyway, it was put in this morning’s Fin in a slightly edited back form. The original is below. Blogging … Continue reading

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Ranking the economics blogs

Congratulations to Andrew Leigh who has scraped onto the list of the top 50 economics blogs. This came as a feed from The Austrian Economists where one of the five bloggers was excited to come in at 38. Marginal Revolution … Continue reading

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Not Just Me Then

The man behind our main line of anti-spam defence is hanging up his hat. Indeed, I am hereby officially announcing that I will no longer support, maintain or further develop Spam Karma (beside some very occasional, very limited poking, until … Continue reading

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Shared Hosting is Doomed (and I have the graphs to prove it)

My abiding and irrational loathing for WordPress has at last yielded fruit. WordPress thrives in the classic shared hosting market, where the LAMP stack — Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP — is almost universally installed. It’s free, fairly user-friendly, well-marketed, widely … Continue reading

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A brief note on a statistic.

It used to be that the daydream of every programmer was to write the next great Unix shell or the next great text editor. Nowadays it seems to be writing the next great web framework.

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