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Irreducibility: the micro-foundations

I’ve written about what I call irreducibility at least twice before. Then along comes this nice article in the excellent new publication The Mandarin on the “19 reasons why agencies find it hard to hire technologists“. It’s a classic case of how top … Continue reading

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Matt Levine helps you understand the bank regulation problem in 1800 words

If you want to understand what bank regulators were doing in 2008, and what people like APRA and the Reserve Bank worry about here, try reading Matt Levine’s latest column. Leviine’s piece is nominally about a weird court case involving … Continue reading

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Design as a counter-narrative: Presentation to a workshop on arts participation

Here’s a presentation I gave to a conference called – unhelpfully – Art for Art’s Sake.  It was actually about new approaches to participation in the arts, about finding ways of connecting people to the arts – and the arts to … Continue reading

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Saturday Quickie – Sovereign Borders, not so Sovereign Nation

According to Mike Seccombe, at the Global Mail, under the Abbott government, Australia will be open not just for business, but open to costly multi-national law-suits: On the eve of the election, the Coalition released its trade policy, which includes … Continue reading

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A fable of Eunuchs, Praetorians, and University funding cuts.

Imagine yourself to be in the mythical Land of Beyond where you need minions to do a dirty job that men with honour would refuse to do. A classic trick in this situation is to pick people despised by the … Continue reading

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A nice “spending more time with my family” letter from Andrew Mason

People of Groupon, After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today. If you’re wondering why … … Continue reading

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Barriers to entry: not all bad

When I first joined the mortgage broking industry I was struck by all the calls the industry itself made for regulation. Mostly this was not out of some evil scheme that would be easily predicted by Chicago inspired public choice theory. Brokers weren’t … Continue reading

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