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From the Department of “Why didn’t I think of that”: A natty idea to encourage scientific replication

An Economic Approach to Alleviate the Crises of Confidence in Science: With an Application to the Public Goods Game by Luigi Butera, John A. List – #23335 (PE) Novel empirical insights by their very nature tend to be unanticipated, and … Continue reading

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Making the central bank a people’s bank

Some of you will have seen my article in the Saturday Paper. I can only tease you with 150 words from it here. Then you’ll need to read it on the Saturday Paper’s site. As the financial crisis continued wreaking its havoc … Continue reading

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Vale John Clark

John Clark died yesterday,   a very sad day, he will be greatly missed RIP. This is my all time favorite piece of satire.  Am sure that  troppo can come up with more.

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The free rider problem – and opportunity: you heard it first at Troppo

Well I’ve been going on and on about it, but here’s an academic paper contrasting the free rider problem and opportunity. Knowledge Properties and Economic Policy: A New Look By Antonelli, Cristiano (University of Turin) This paper explores the full range of … Continue reading

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The living and the dead – the arteries and the capillaries: Part One

Cross posted from the Mandarin. This disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful, and to despise, or, at least, to neglect persons of poor and mean condition, though necessary both to establish and to maintain … Continue reading

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Workplace flexibility for workers

It’s been true for some time that all that ‘flexibility’ everyone said was so important in the labour market was mostly flexibility for bosses. And it was flexibility that raised risks and inconvenience for workers. That’s not a knockdown argument against it … Continue reading

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Building the public goods of the 21st century: Google DeepMind edition

Cross posted from the Mandarin – my response to a tweet from Troppo’s man in Geneva. History plays tricks on us. Just as we think we’ve got things figured, everything changes. My favourite example is Malthus’s ‘principle of population’ which explained why … Continue reading

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