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When big brother knows best

Saving Lives by Tying Hands: The Unexpected Effects of Constraining Health Care Providers Abstract: The emergency department (ED) is a complex node of healthcare delivery that is facing market and regulatory pressure across developed economies to reduce wait times. In … Continue reading

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Jeremy Rivkin saves the world

A friend asked me on linked in for my comment on this grand lecture by Jeremy Rivkin. I reproduce my initial reaction and then a longer set of comments I offered after having listened to the lecture. I can’t see much new in … Continue reading

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Independent fiscal councils (probably) improve forecasting and adherence to fiscal rules SHOCK!

Countries increasingly rely on independent fiscal councils to constrain policymakers’ discretion and curb the bias towards excessive deficits and pro-cyclical policies. Since fiscal councils are often recent and heterogeneous across countries, assessing their impact is challenging. Using the latest (2016) … Continue reading

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Several things you WON’T BELIEVE about Marijuana Legalization and Traffic Fatalities

From the moral panic division of ClubTroppo. Early Evidence on Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Traffic Fatalities Over the last few years, marijuana has become legally available for recreational use to roughly a quarter of Americans. Policy makers have long expressed … Continue reading

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Cranks in the ranks: Central banking for all and the gatekeepers of micro-economic reform

Herewith a newspaper column on central banking for all, published in the Age and SMH today. Note: the bit in the brackets in the first paragraph is as submitted but Fairfax edited it out. They also headed the piece “One way to deal … Continue reading

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Andrew Leigh’s excellent speech launching Randomistas

Robert Solow once referred to the law and economics scholar Richard Posner as writing books the way the rest of us breathe. Andrew Leigh seems to be in this category with his output apparently accelerating on top of his no doubt gruelling … Continue reading

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Me on forecasting

Above is my presentation to CEDA’s Outlook conference in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. I came after a McKinsey’s consultant talking about digital disruption which is always a fun thing to present or listen to because there are lots of … Continue reading

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