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The paradoxes of shareholder primacy and ‘short-termism’

In a recent speech “Who owns a company?”, Andy Haldane has this to say: In the earlier period, dividends decreased as often as they increased.  This is as we would expect if profits fluctuate both up and down.  After 1980, … Continue reading

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Early Education and Social Preferences – Pretty interesting!

The Effect of Early Education on Social Preferences by Alexander W. Cappelen, John A. List, Anya Samek, Bertil Tungodden We present results from the first study to examine the causal impact of early childhood education on social preferences of children.  We compare children who, … Continue reading

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Wellbeing: more please

The well-being or ‘happiness’ push has been rolling for more than a decade now. Though there were plenty of other voices like Bruno Frey, I date its take-off from around the turn of the 21st century when Richard Layard started … Continue reading

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The artists resale royalty

Cross posted from the Mandarin It is six years since Australia’s Artist Resale Royalty scheme (ARR) commenced and three years since submissions to its Post Implementation Review (PIR) closed, though the review itself has never been published. However, in the … Continue reading

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Little platoons of the left and right

The intimidatingly well informed Brad Delong used the following quote from Rosa Luxemburg to bid “good riddance” to Fidel Castro. I don’t know enough to agree or disagree, but as I read Luxemburg’s words, I wasn’t thinking of communism. I was … Continue reading

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement

I gave a talk at the Lowy Institute last Wednesday to which I initially gave a long-winded title “Intellectual Property- Economics, Diplomacy and Australia’s strategic interests” but managed to get more cut-through under the pressure of Twitters 140 character limit “DFAT goes AWOL on IP”. … Continue reading

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Strategic thinking, very serious people and roads not travelled

Paul Krugman has popularised the notion of the Very Serious People. Very Serious People spend a lot of their time talking about strategy. After all, strategy is the most important, most serious thing you can talk about. After all, when you’ve got strategy worked … Continue reading

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