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Weaving professional and practical knowledge together: TACSI launches open source human services in Australia

This is a reworking of an earlier post – but reworked with Chief Innovation Officer of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Chris Vanstone, there’s quite a bit of new content for those who are interested. Cross posted at … Continue reading

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Governments run some things better than the private sector: SHOCK!

Who Should Own and Control Urban Water Systems? Historical Evidence from England and Wales by Brian Beach, Werner Troesken, Nicola Tynan – #22553 (DAE HE PE) Abstract: Nearly 40% of England’s privately built waterworks were municipalised in the late 19th … Continue reading

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IMF Researchers on Inequality on Social Capital

Growing Apart, Losing Trust? The Impact of Inequality on Social Capital There is a widespread perception that trust and social capital have declined in United States as well as other advanced economies, while income inequality has tended to increase. While … Continue reading

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Extrinsic incentives in schools

Unintended Consequences of Rewards for Student Attendance: Results from a Field Experiment in Indian Classrooms by Sujata Visaria, Rajeev Dehejia, Melody M. Chao, Anirban Mukhopadhyay – #22528 (CH DEV ED) In an experiment in non-formal schools in Indian slums, a … Continue reading

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People from the wrong side of the tracks disadvantaged in job market: SHOCK!

Family Descent as a Signal of Managerial Quality: Evidence from Mutual Funds by Oleg Chuprinin, Denis Sosyura – #22517 (LS) We study the relation between mutual fund managers’ family backgrounds and their professional performance. Using hand-collected data from individual Census records on … Continue reading

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Long-term orientation, national culture and educational performance

Available here. by David Figlio, Paola Giuliano, Umut Ozek, Paola Sapienza – #22541 (CH ED LS POL) We use remarkable population-level administrative education and birth records from Florida to study the role of Long-Term Orientation on the educational attainment of … Continue reading

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In praise of blogging: Hoist from 2009 archives

I’m pleased to see Jason Potts tweeting “Blogs are still a thing. This one I just came across is the thingest. It’s like @slatestarcodex, but for econ & tech”. As a result of tweeting back my 2009 post on Blogging … Continue reading

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