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Quirky cultural customs: the causes of death

Have you ever reflected on what a strange concept the notion of a ’cause of death’ really is? We use the term so often that it wouldn’t quickly register as a cultural oddity, but it really is a quirky beast … Continue reading

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Wellbeing: more please

The well-being or ‘happiness’ push has been rolling for more than a decade now. Though there were plenty of other voices like Bruno Frey, I date its take-off from around the turn of the 21st century when Richard Layard started … Continue reading

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File under “déformation professionnelle”

This is a note to myself. It’s from the report of the NDIS Citizen’s Jury Scorecard. However, in a way that speaks for itself, it may be of interest to Troppodillians. It’s an illustration of professional obfuscation and indifference to those in … Continue reading

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Concept Split: Shockwaves!!!

If Rex can give us his guide to Gravitational Waves – a very impressive performance I have to say, then I can dust off an old document from my days at the ANU law school – in the late 1980s. Concept Split: … Continue reading

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Our ABC: some great Radio National listening

I drove for the best part of 11 hours over the last few days giving a Do Lecture (would you believe?) which was fun. In any event I listened to some seriously great radio. Inside the drug court I was riveted by three … Continue reading

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Why is Infant Mortality Higher in the US than in Europe? (Hint: it’s what you guessed it was)

by Alice Chen, Emily Oster, Heidi Williams – #20525 (AG CH HC HE PE) Abstract: The US has a substantial – and poorly understood – infant mortality disadvantage relative to peer countries. We combine comprehensive micro-data on births and infant … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use

Amazing that this is such a big deal, that we can administer morphine but not medical marijuana to alleviate pain. The paper is here. Abstract: While at least a dozen state legislatures in the United States have recently considered bills … Continue reading

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