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Little platoons of the left and right

The intimidatingly well informed Brad Delong used the following quote from Rosa Luxemburg to bid “good riddance” to Fidel Castro. I don’t know enough to agree or disagree, but as I read Luxemburg’s words, I wasn’t thinking of communism. I was … Continue reading

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From the current issue of the Dunera News

Ruthi, a young girl in internment: by Melinda Mockridge and Ruth Simon Ruth Simon, née Gottlieb, can still remember what it was like to live in an internment camp, behind barbed wire at Tatura during the Second World War. Ruth, now … Continue reading

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Could sortition help against corruption, part II

In part 1, I looked at whether it made sense to have random individuals inserted into parliament, or to let policies be decided by juries full of randomly chosen individuals. Both were argued to be unworkable and likely to lead … Continue reading

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What ails the youth of our fair land?

Here’s Paul Krugman giving a commencement address. Eschewing inspiration porn, the talk is kind of what you’d expect. He talks about what it might be like to be a young person starting out at college now compared with when he … Continue reading

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War and social cooperation

Can War Foster Cooperation? by Michal Bauer, Christopher Blattman, Julie Chytilova, Joseph Henrich, Edward Miguel, Tamar Mitts – #22312 (DEV PE POL) Abstract: In the past decade, nearly 20 studies have found a strong, persistent pattern in surveys and behavioral … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali: RIP

The biggest sporting thrill of my life came when Muhammed Ali managed to bamboozle the monster George Foreman to regain the world title that had been wrongly taken from him for his stand against the Vietnam war in the 1960s. What … Continue reading

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Would sortition help against corruption?

Political parties and institutions in Australia and the US are increasingly dominated by interest groups representing the few, leading to a large policy-induced increase in inequality in recent decades and a long raft of new policies favouring the few by … Continue reading

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