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Colin Hay

I’m a big fan of Colin Hay, whom I saw on stage for the first time about three years ago. Hilariously funny and great songs. I particularly like “It’s a beautiful world”. The video above is a good clip showing how … Continue reading

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Strategic plans and adjunct professorships

Some time ago I was written to by an Australian University asking me to become an Adjunct Professor in Journalism. This is an honorary position so, (paradoxically) it’s not much of an honour! In any event, this is how the letter I … Continue reading

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Power corrupts and absolute power can be a lot of fun: ClubTroppo CEO salary revelations SHOCK

ClubTroppo chief executive Nicholas Gruen – who was criticised by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his imaginary $5.6 million salary – has resigned from the job after seven years. Mr Gruen, who began the job in his own mind long, … Continue reading

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Yes Minister: hilarious, truthful, too good to be true.

Here at Troppo we have referred to the ‘Yes Minister series’ many times because of its brilliant commentary on the timeless issues of government, exemplified in the skit above. I have gone through three phases with the series: when it … Continue reading

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The brighter side of the absurd behaviour of our cousins in the Anglosphere

  Being a ‘young country’ as we keep congratulating ourselves, we seem free of some of the greater absurdities of the Old World. Then again there’s at least something to be said for them. Having a kind of Monty Python show as … Continue reading

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TED talk manoeuvre #472: restate the problem as if it’s the answer

From BCG’s latest set of instructions: In grappling with organization design, company executives tend to draw on two venerable approaches, which can be characterized as the “hard” approach and the “soft” approach. . . . Both approaches underplay the importance … Continue reading

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Concept Split: Shockwaves!!!

If Rex can give us his guide to Gravitational Waves – a very impressive performance I have to say, then I can dust off an old document from my days at the ANU law school – in the late 1980s. Concept Split: … Continue reading

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