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People from the wrong side of the tracks disadvantaged in job market: SHOCK!

Family Descent as a Signal of Managerial Quality: Evidence from Mutual Funds by Oleg Chuprinin, Denis Sosyura – #22517 (LS) We study the relation between mutual fund managers’ family backgrounds and their professional performance. Using hand-collected data from individual Census records on … Continue reading

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Choice, competition, markets and human services: Some thoughts

The PC has a two stage reference on increasing the application of competition, contestability and informed user choice in the provision of human services. The first stage will identify the most prospective areas for the application of such principles whilst the … Continue reading

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Adverse Action Lawyer wanted in Frijters versus UQ case

I am seeking a lawyer to run an Adverse Action case connected to the recent Fair Work Commission verdict that found systematic breaches of procedures and procedural fairness in the University of Queensland’s actions against me following my research on … Continue reading

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The hidden story of urban refugees

The post below is a guest post from a fine person who is a friend of mine. Sonia Ben Ali,, Co-founder and Executive Director of the international NGO, Urban Refugees. It’s a pretty fledgeling organisation with a remarkably important mission. Lateral … Continue reading

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No-pain-no-gain: High-road-low-road

This post began as a comment on Paul’s last comment on my “Mainstream Radical Centrists: Where are they?” column. Paul boiled down his response to this: If you want to have a serious debate about reforms, go to countries that are … Continue reading

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“T” isn’t just for Troppo. T is for Trump

Well folks after a gruelling (if largely imaginary) 24 hour period haggling with other Troppmeisters, I’m pleased to announce Troppo’s unanimous support for The Donald for President of the Greatest Country on Earth. We were locked in disagreement until we … Continue reading

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Wealth distribution in Australia

Wealth distribution is typically more unequal than income distribution – as inequality is cumulatively causative to some extent. I was alerted to the relatively equitable distribution of housing wealth by a recent Henry Ergas column which contains the amazing statement … Continue reading

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