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Probing the nadir of punditry

Troppo readers who have followed my meanderings about asylum seeker policy over the years will realise that I have some fairly basic differences with the Greens on that issue 11. KP: although not on the fundamental fact that many if … Continue reading

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The Humbug Martyrdom of Andrew Bolt II

Interlude: Ruminations on ‘the costs of speech’, monkeys and Dexter In The 2013 PEN Free Voices lecture, reproduced on the ABC’s Religion and Ethics web site, Waleed Aly makes the following observations on Freedom of Speech: … let us grind this … Continue reading

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The Humbug Martyrdom of Andrew Bolt

A Peculiarly Australian Cause Celebre In one of the less nebulous sections of the Liberals’ curiously fisk-resistant manifestoi, you’ll find this special promise for Andrew Bolt and his fans and supporters: Protecting freedom of speech – supporting an open media … Continue reading

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The newspaper crisis (and Finkelstein, again)

The graphic below comes from the University of Michigan’s Professor Mark Perry, who runs a libertarian and market-oriented blog called Carpe Diem. It shows, essentially, the collapse of the advertising revenue stream in US newspapers. Adjusted for inflation, US newspapers … Continue reading

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Newspaper crisis ensuring Finkelstein’s demise

In the torrent of words over the job cuts at Fairfax and News Ltd, not many people seem to have noticed that these events also further undermine the already teetering argument of the Finkelstein Review for a new system of media regulation. … Continue reading

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Australian media and creative destruction

This week’s dramatic events in the Australian media have underscored the Schumpeterian “creative destruction” being wrought before our eyes by the Internet and associated technologies and cultures: Fairfax’s announcement of the sacking of 1900 staff, closure of print facilities, adopting … Continue reading

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Fairfax: Gina Rinehart’s money can’t buy readers

As Ken Parish’s post below shows, there is now a widespread view that Gina Rinehart will win control of Fairfax, publisher of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and then seek to move their editorial stances well to the right. From people … Continue reading

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