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Surprises of the Internet

With the Internet being a regular feature of our lives for about 20 years now, what have been the related developments that were hard to pick at the outset? What are the lessons? Five thoughts: Communication and personal expression is … Continue reading

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Institutional innovation and ‘demarketising’ economic bads

Miles Kimball, for the uninitiated a sensible centrist commentator on economic policy is also an admirer of John Stuart Mill and has supported the case for decriminalising drugs.  At the same time, since he thinks drugs – certainly recreational drugs or … Continue reading

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Vision 28

How would you measure the safety of private motor vehicle travel? Let’s agree to focus on fatalities. Serious injuries are also important, but all the points I am going to make hold equally as well for injuries as for fatalities.

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A fable of Eunuchs, Praetorians, and University funding cuts.

Imagine yourself to be in the mythical Land of Beyond where you need minions to do a dirty job that men with honour would refuse to do. A classic trick in this situation is to pick people despised by the … Continue reading

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What is equality of opportunity?

Almost everyone is in favour of equality of opportunity; even free market activists from the Institute of Public Affairs. But whenever a large number of people agree on a form of words, it’s a safe bet they interpret those words … Continue reading

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Why do libertarians support conservative parties?

In a piece for the Sunday Age, Chris Berg says progressives think conservatives are heartless because they “don’t realise the right has a different and legitimate moral framework.” Perhaps so, but what about libertarians? Berg draws on Jonathan Haidt‘s moral … Continue reading

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Immigration and the neoliberal imagination

Why "shouldn’t we look forward to a freer, more egalitarian world of tomorrow in which people are allowed to live where they want?" asks Matt Yglesias. If neoliberalism is about removing all barriers to market transactions then removing restrictions to … Continue reading

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