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It’s a sad day in the Aus blogosphere.  Leading left-leaning group blog  Larvatus Prodeo has folded its capacious tent and joined the ranks of ex-parrots blogs.  Supremo senior commissar Mark Bahnisch explains the public rationale: We collectively feel seven years … Continue reading

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An exceptionally fine blog post …

I don’t imagine we’ll be running Best Blog Posts this year.  Certainly I won’t have time to be involved. Moreover, we never actually anointed an annual winner in any event, just an undifferentiated group of 30 or 40 of the … Continue reading

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The inevitability of blog tribalism?

Apparently some US journalism academic named Tanni Haas  has written a book called Making it in the Political Blogosphere: The World’s Top Political Bloggers Share the Secrets to Success .  I’m not interested in the subject per se, because I … Continue reading

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Media Inquiry: Look forward, not back

[Cross-posted to Online Opinion] I spend my working life running an online media firm – WorkDay Media, publisher of Banking Day – with its owner and editor-in-chief, Ian Rogers. Last month, Ian and I wrote a submission to the federal … Continue reading

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More touting for traffic

At CDU Law Online – Colourful lawyers, police and the media (the Adam Houda wrongful arrest saga).

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CDU Law School embraces “social media”

My blogging time over the last few days has been absorbed by creating a “social media presence” for my employer CDU Law School.  It involves not only a blog but also Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn facilities.  It’s been something … Continue reading

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The Australian as a dysfunctional group blog

After his first week of blogging back in 2002 John Quiggin observed that blogging "technology seems ideally suited for individuals and small groups, with no obvious way of scaling it up to corporate level." Maybe he’s changed his mind. This … Continue reading

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