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65,000 people in Hyde Park casually create one of the great Bohemian Rhapsody performances

Just had to put this up here, because it’s wonderful: These people were waiting for a Green Day concert when Bohemian Rhapsody started playing over the speakers …

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Colin Hay

I’m a big fan of Colin Hay, whom I saw on stage for the first time about three years ago. Hilariously funny and great songs. I particularly like “It’s a beautiful world”. The video above is a good clip showing how … Continue reading

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Our ABC: some great Radio National listening

I drove for the best part of 11 hours over the last few days giving a Do Lecture (would you believe?) which was fun. In any event I listened to some seriously great radio. Inside the drug court I was riveted by three … Continue reading

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ANAM Quartetthouse: go if you can

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) lives in the suburb next to mine and is a Good Thing. It’s housed in one of the umpteen magnificent town halls of Melbourne, in this case South Melbourne Town Hall and a … Continue reading

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A cool vid showing what a complete package the Beatles’ sound was

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TED Talk: Benjamin Zander on Classical Music

This TED talk from 2008 was recommended to me by my piano teacher. If you haven’t already seen it it’s well worth taking a look. If you have seen it, a second look wouldn’t be wasted. After watching it I … Continue reading

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A request of our pollies for 2013

No more singing unless you are as good as this. Happy new year

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