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Colin Hay

I’m a big fan of Colin Hay, whom I saw on stage for the first time about three years ago. Hilariously funny and great songs. I particularly like “It’s a beautiful world”. The video above is a good clip showing how … Continue reading

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Our ABC: some great Radio National listening

I drove for the best part of 11 hours over the last few days giving a Do Lecture (would you believe?) which was fun. In any event I listened to some seriously great radio. Inside the drug court I was riveted by three … Continue reading

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ANAM Quartetthouse: go if you can

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) lives in the suburb next to mine and is a Good Thing. It’s housed in one of the umpteen magnificent town halls of Melbourne, in this case South Melbourne Town Hall and a … Continue reading

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A cool vid showing what a complete package the Beatles’ sound was

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TED Talk: Benjamin Zander on Classical Music

This TED talk from 2008 was recommended to me by my piano teacher. If you haven’t already seen it it’s well worth taking a look. If you have seen it, a second look wouldn’t be wasted. After watching it I … Continue reading

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A request of our pollies for 2013

No more singing unless you are as good as this. Happy new year

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Cover Art

There’s a beauty to cover songs.  The musician, free from obligation to be new, hip commercial or even original, has simply to play homage to the songs that they love. When some people, not big stars, just talented people with … Continue reading

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