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Today in history: Remembering the surprisingly tenable North Korean ICBM emergency

Many hundreds of hours ago now, our foreign affairs community and parts of our media were consumed by the North Korean ICBM emergency. Hard to believe in these modern times, but true! Time for a special Club Troppo look back … Continue reading

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You get what you pay for: MP’s edition

Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians are Paid? by Duha T. Altindag, Elif S. Filiz, Erdal Tekin – #23613 (LS POL) Abstract: An important question in representative democracies is how to ensure that politicians behave in the best … Continue reading

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When the hawks cry …

Watch as right-wing commentators Tucker Carlson and Ralph Peters go to war over who’s defending American values. Carlson suggests making common cause with Vladimir Putin; Peters says Carlson sounds like Charles Lindbergh defending Hitler in 1938; Carlson gets huffy and … Continue reading

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Things we won’t say about race

Until yesterday I had never heard of Trevor Phillips. He is a former chairman of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which means he was in charge of enforcing British anti-discrimination laws in the Blair years. The documentary … Continue reading

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Trump and the new world (dis)order

What are the effects of having a US president who is diminished in stature and yet not facing imminent job loss? I try to think this through in my latest column for The CEO Magazine. One likely result: less stability … Continue reading

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Weekend competition: Why (oh why?) aren’t the Liberal Democrats doing better?

There’s a lot I don’t understand. We don’t have enough space of a proper survey but let me give you an example. Pistachios taste better than hazelnuts. Much better. And yet hazelnut ice cream and gelato are much much yummier than their pistachio … Continue reading

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Trump: the system is working

If you’re at all like me, you see and hear a bunch of people complaining that with the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, the world has gone mad and anything could happen. The New York Times today published … Continue reading

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