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Brexit and deliberative democracy

I fantasise about the day when the people who fancy themselves the champions of liberal capitalist democracy – you know the Business Class set – will realise that they are munching through the landscape and, as Schumpeter argued – following Marx – … Continue reading

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War and social cooperation

Can War Foster Cooperation? by Michal Bauer, Christopher Blattman, Julie Chytilova, Joseph Henrich, Edward Miguel, Tamar Mitts – #22312 (DEV PE POL) Abstract: In the past decade, nearly 20 studies have found a strong, persistent pattern in surveys and behavioral … Continue reading

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The brighter side of the absurd behaviour of our cousins in the Anglosphere

  Being a ‘young country’ as we keep congratulating ourselves, we seem free of some of the greater absurdities of the Old World. Then again there’s at least something to be said for them. Having a kind of Monty Python show as … Continue reading

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Is destroying illegal ivory a really bad idea?

Governments around the world have in recent years destroyed their seized stockpiles of illegal ivory, egged on by the World Wildlife Federation which believes it sends a signal to gangs that kill Elephants and Rhinos for their tusks. In January, … Continue reading

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Decentralised preferences and centralised prejudice: the case of racial sorting

Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities by Allison Shertzer, Randall P. Walsh – #22077 (DAE LE) Abstract: Residential segregation by race grew sharply in the United States as black migrants from the South arrived in northern … Continue reading

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Turkish government handsomely rewarded for realpolitik

I visited Turkey in April last year, traveling through the country, witnessing the troubles of the leadership of the ruling AKP party: it had just lost a general election that left it without a workable majority in parliament and only … Continue reading

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Is Julian Assange about to get arrested? And what then?

Queensland boy Julian Assange seems set to walk out of the Ecuadorian embassy soon, hoping that the announcement by the UN human rights panel on the arbitrariness of his detention will protect him from being arrested. The baseline scenario is … Continue reading

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