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Barnaby Joyce: Not good at policymaking, either

Barnaby Joyce is in the news a bit right now. Coincidentally, I wrote an assessment of his abilities in a column for The CEO Magazine way back on 31 July, before the section 44 scandal broke. How’s that holding up? … Continue reading

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Last week’s minimum wage hike risks job losses

My latest column at The CEO Magazine asks whether Australia’s 3.3 per cent minimum wage increase will cause any job losses. It focuses on a few pieces of research, including a new study of Seattle’s minimum wage hike, older work … Continue reading

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Will the bank levy actually lower bank profits? Maybe not.

In the comments section of my earlier post about hatred of the banks, John Walker (no relation) asked: If the big four did pass on the tax to their customers, do you think the ‘non big four’ banks, building societies … Continue reading

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Upmarket Agitprop: Clive James on John Howard on Bob Menzies

An essay prompted by a friend recommending James’ essay I think largely for its defence of Menzies as worthy of more respect he’s been given by the left – which is a fair point. Cross posted from The Mandarin, which, to my surprise … Continue reading

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The Snowy announcement shows why we need a better way

My latest column for The CEO Magazine looks at Malcolm Turnbull’s recent Snowy announcement and asks: isn’t there a better way to make infrastructure decisions? The particular process I’d like to see around the Snowy announcement is an independent and … Continue reading

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IS ScoMo a “bastard” for cutting the Territory’s GST funding?

The NT News’ front page on Saturday is a vintage piece of Murdoch tabloid journalism – aggressively funny but without any meaningful regard for fact or fairness. Of course portraying any politicians as “bastards” is bound to meet with general … Continue reading

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Australian politics and the Emperor’s New Clothes

Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story The Emperor’s New Clothes epitomises the phenomenon of the truth hiding in plain sight as a result of collective delusion or selective vision. There is just such a collective public delusion at the heart of … Continue reading

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