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Standing up for cities

My latest column for The CEO Magazine extends my updated Troppo post on decentralisation. As I dug further into the issue for this column, I was startled by the extent to which governments have not just paid lip-service to decentralisation, … Continue reading

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Against decentralising: why crowded is good

Note: This post was original published on 6 July 2015; I’ve updated and reposted it because the Victorian Liberal Party is now pushing a decentralisation agenda. Once again this week we’re hearing the argument that Australia would be a much better … Continue reading

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Can we attract good political leaders? Hint – yes

Can a democracy attract competent leaders, while attaining broad representation? Economic models suggest that free-riding incentives and lower opportunity costs give the less competent a comparative advantage at entering political life. Moreover, if elites have more human capital, selecting on … Continue reading

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Where else would they come from?

Minister Dutton says that 2/3 of people recently charged with terrorism in Australia have Lebanese Muslim backgrounds. However, the first rule when considering dramatic statistics should be to think “compared to what”. In this case, where else might we expect … Continue reading

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Could sortition help against corruption, part II

In part 1, I looked at whether it made sense to have random individuals inserted into parliament, or to let policies be decided by juries full of randomly chosen individuals. Both were argued to be unworkable and likely to lead … Continue reading

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Truth-telling in the epistemic quagmire of the politico-infotainment complex: Donald Trump Edition

Pilate said unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and said unto them, I find in him no fault at all. The Gospel according to John 18:38 Picasso once famously … Continue reading

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Gay marriage: Some thoughts about the politics

I haven’t read any columns on the gay marriage imbroglio so maybe people have already said all this but … it seems to me that the circumstances now provide the left of centre parties with an opportunity to humiliate their opponents. There’s no bigger … Continue reading

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