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The quest for the Holy eGrail

Current developments in e-books and e-readers may end up having dramatic effects on the mainstream newspaper industry, about whose future I’ve been musing in recent days. A significant part of the problems being experienced by old media companies generally, especially … Continue reading

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The internet and news media

Troppo’s Paul Frijters, too self-effacing to push his work on Troppo, has a new paper on the effect of the internet on quality news content.  I discovered it on a newsletter of new papers. Looks interesting, so I’ll have to … Continue reading

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What’s Killing The Newspaper? It Isn’t Bloggers.

In the last few months, the discussion of the future of newspapers has become a recurring topic in the media and online. Several common themes and arguments have emerged. The most common gripes are either that newspapers are being killed … Continue reading

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Gerard Henderson: welcome to the blogosphere!

There is an interesting new boy on the block! Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog is sure to be stimulating read because he has a good memory and he knows where a lot of bodies are buried. He has a long … Continue reading

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El Cheapo Book Review: The Change Function

A few weeks ago I had a few extra quid stinking up my bank account and the Australian dollar was looking well-fed and happy. So I splurged on a few books at Amazon, including one at the bargain price of … Continue reading

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The art of garbled polemic

Am I the only newspaper reader who expects an opinion column to develop a coherent thread of argumentation, as distinct from a series of provocative comments stuck together precariously with specious howevers and therefores? The editors who approve these pieces … Continue reading

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Club Meh

Pity the poor working journo! Journalists face tough deadlines. Sitting in front of a screen, they need to produce thousands of words to print or read out every day, only a fraction of which might actually make it to print … Continue reading

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