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The artists resale royalty

Cross posted from the Mandarin It is six years since Australia’s Artist Resale Royalty scheme (ARR) commenced and three years since submissions to its Post Implementation Review (PIR) closed, though the review itself has never been published. However, in the … Continue reading

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Could sortition help against corruption, part II

In part 1, I looked at whether it made sense to have random individuals inserted into parliament, or to let policies be decided by juries full of randomly chosen individuals. Both were argued to be unworkable and likely to lead … Continue reading

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Regulatory responsiveness and industry policy

I’ve been arguing that our current approach to efficient regulation is blockheaded for as long as I can remember. I’ve even pointed out how one might possibly do quite a lot better with a less ideologically Manichean approach in which regulatory policy is a … Continue reading

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Would sortition help against corruption?

Political parties and institutions in Australia and the US are increasingly dominated by interest groups representing the few, leading to a large policy-induced increase in inequality in recent decades and a long raft of new policies favouring the few by … Continue reading

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SMSFs and red tape

Regulation has a special place in the heart of this blog and superannuation is a particular fave. I’ve offered some connoisseurship of Self Managed Super Fund regulation in the past. I could say that this takes the cake, but really it’s just … Continue reading

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Doing over the creditors, Greek style

As Greece’s situation has gone in recent days from bad to worse to worser to even-worserer-than-that, I’ve seen a lot of claims that the European authorities treated Greece’s private creditors too generously back in 2010-2012. My natural tendency was to … Continue reading

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Habituation – to mediocrity

A Tale of Repetition: Lessons from Florida Restaurant Inspections by Ginger Zhe Jin, Jungmin Lee – #20596 (IO) Abstract: We examine the role of repetition in government regulation. Using Florida restaurant inspection data from 2003 to 2010, we find that … Continue reading

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