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Yes Minister: hilarious, truthful, too good to be true.

Here at Troppo we have referred to the ‘Yes Minister series’ many times because of its brilliant commentary on the timeless issues of government, exemplified in the skit above. I have gone through three phases with the series: when it … Continue reading

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Love, Love, Love by Red Stitch

The supreme vice is shallowness Oscar Wilde to Bosie I went to see Love, Love, Love by the terrific actor’s ensemble theatre company Red Stitch tonight. I’d previously seen Grounded which I thought was an Arthur Milleresque masterpiece which was … Continue reading

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Review: Drift into Failure

While having lunch with Ken Parish last week, I chatted a bit about a very long book review I wrote a few weeks ago, published on my personal blog. He asked me to cross-post it to Troppo. Enjoy. Drift into … Continue reading

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Wolf guy is worth it

As usual I’m a year behind the publicity machine, so I missed the original reviews of this book, as well as the fanfare during the Sydney Writers’ Festival, which the author Mark Rowlands attended. This post is for any reader … Continue reading

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The Colours by Peter Houghton : Another Club Troppo Gold Star Review

If you are of a certain age, you will know what people mean when they refer to “The War”.   You will be able to cast your mind back and imagine a type of blustery former warrior, of proud bearing, … Continue reading

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MYOB: So Far, Underwhelming

I’ve started my first ‘proper’ business — incorporation and all — and my accountant told me that I should get MYOB or QuickBooks. So far MYOB has not impressed.

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El Cheapo Book Review: The Change Function

A few weeks ago I had a few extra quid stinking up my bank account and the Australian dollar was looking well-fed and happy. So I splurged on a few books at Amazon, including one at the bargain price of … Continue reading

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