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Adverse Action Lawyer wanted in Frijters versus UQ case

I am seeking a lawyer to run an Adverse Action case connected to the recent Fair Work Commission verdict that found systematic breaches of procedures and procedural fairness in the University of Queensland’s actions against me following my research on … Continue reading

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Papers that don’t crank out the same old schtick are high risk for academics: SHOCK!

Academic publishing keeps you on the straight and narrow of everyone else’s ideas? Who’da thunk? Bias against Novelty in Science: A Cautionary Tale for Users of Bibliometric Indicators by Jian Wang, Reinhilde Veugelers, Paula Stephan  –  #22180 (LS PR) Abstract: Research which explores unchartered … Continue reading

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Concept Split: Shockwaves!!!

If Rex can give us his guide to Gravitational Waves – a very impressive performance I have to say, then I can dust off an old document from my days at the ANU law school – in the late 1980s. Concept Split: … Continue reading

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Old farts (clever old farts) holding up scientific progress: Shock!!

Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time? by Pierre Azoulay, Christian Fons-Rosen, Joshua S. Graff Zivin Abstract: We study the extent to which eminent scientists shape the vitality of their fields by examining entry rates into the fields of 452 … Continue reading

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Surprises of the Internet

With the Internet being a regular feature of our lives for about 20 years now, what have been the related developments that were hard to pick at the outset? What are the lessons? Five thoughts: Communication and personal expression is … Continue reading

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STEM, Part culture war, part cargo cult: My latest Fin column

Here’s yesterday’s op ed for the Fin published as Technology education is about more than funding: STEM is all the rage in education – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Part culture war against Australian mediocrity, part cargo cult, a principal … Continue reading

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Where are we with Geo-Engineering in 2014?

Geo-engineering is increasingly looking like the only politically viable way of averting temperature rises above 2 degrees in the coming century. This is for three interlocking reasons: i) Any mayor country can try geo-engineering on its own without permission from … Continue reading

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