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Money and Meteorites

Like a lot of modern libertarian types, my first in-depth exposure to economics came from the minority ‘Austrian School’ of economics. The Austrian school shares a lot in common with Chicagoan economics, but it parts ways with Chicago — and … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in the solar system

This is really something IMO, but if you want an eerie and remarkable experience, just left click on this 1 minute movie to download it and travel in silence with Cassini around Saturn. Awesome. PS: well you’ll ‘left click’ if … Continue reading

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Warming – Beyond the greenhouse . . .

From the ‘being grateful for small mercies department, and from this website, here is extrasolar planet HD 209458b (also unofficially known as “Osiris”, which orbits a star in the constellation of Pegasus) revealed the strongest ever spectroscopic signature for a … Continue reading

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Verily this is a cool new development.  Boeing is building super airships to double the capacity that can be airlifted around the world.  These babys will be the size of football fields (not ours but America’s) and fitted with four … Continue reading

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Planetary Chauvinism

Club Troppo’s own Missing Link included this item on Tuesday: Henry Thornton examines the hurdles to shifting to another planet and concludes wed best start making serious efforts to save the ecosystem on this one (and ignore the idiot denialists). … Continue reading

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Asteroids: a nasty business . . .

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Rocky Real Estate Revisited

I’ve written before on the need to introduce property rights over celestial objects in order to encourage ICI — intrasolar colonisation and industrialisation. Now Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame writes on lunar property law. For contrast see one of the … Continue reading

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