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Upcoming event in Canberra

Fellow Troppodilians, especially those resident in Canberra, may I commend this production of Black Diggers to you. I saw it last year in Sydney at a packed out matinee (only tickets available) at the Opera House on Australia Day! It … Continue reading

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Same old schtick still rakes in the bucks

I wonder why oz theatre icon David Williamson reacted with complacent high dudgeon to a bitchy review on Crikey of his latest turgid thespian offering Don Parties On?  After all, the Murdoch and Fairfax reviews were almost as negative, and … Continue reading

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Don’t cry, go and see Rigoletto!

Joan Sutherland has passed on. Inevitably, obituarians are taking the opportunity to contend that she was the greatest soprano, or even the greatest singer, of the post war period, or even of the 20th Century. Others are content just to … Continue reading

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The Colours by Peter Houghton : Another Club Troppo Gold Star Review

If you are of a certain age, you will know what people mean when they refer to “The War”.   You will be able to cast your mind back and imagine a type of blustery former warrior, of proud bearing, … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson

I can’t think of a single song of his that is a really big favourite of mine. But has there ever been any big star who was more of a genius as a dancer? Surely not.  Not even Fred Astair … Continue reading

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Theatre for the latte masses

David, Cate and Andrew in happier (very recent) times – from SMH It’s always sad when heroic high achievers begin to lose their powers, still more when they fail to age gracefully and succumb instead to bitterness and envy. But … Continue reading

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What’s with accents?

Am I mistaken or is this a reasonable description of the last – say – thirty years in cinema. A generation ago, you could do a film about foreigners in a normal English speaking accent. The Sound of Music was … Continue reading

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