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High wages are good for growth: jobs and growth

I’ve always thought that, if there’s an economic driver for Australian culture it’s the high demand for labour – exceeding supply a lot of the time – that applied in Australia from the convict period on and the resulting uppityness of workers – including … Continue reading

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From the department of ‘Wow!’: Externalities of coal storage

Handle with Care: The Local Air Pollution Costs of Coal Storage. by Akshaya Jha, Nicholas Z. Muller – #23417 (EEE PE) Abstract: Burning coal is known to have environmental costs; this paper quantities the local environmental costs of transporting and … Continue reading

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An exchange on deliberative democracy

Below is a spirited exchange between me and Barry Jones on deliberative democracy which I reproduce with his permission. He won’t be participating in any online debate because as he puts it I … confess to being a total abstainer where social … Continue reading

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The Labor Share and Superstar Firms

The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms by David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence F. Katz, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen – #23396 (LS PR) Abstract: The fall of labor’s share of GDP in the United … Continue reading

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Ebony and ivory: Not such perfect harmony

Up from Slavery? African American Intergenerational Economic Mobility Since 1880 by William J. Collins, Marianne H. Wanamaker – #23395 (DAE LS) Abstract: We document the intergenerational mobility of black and white American men from 1880 through 2000 by building new datasets … Continue reading

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A short history of Australian bank hatred (plus extra Barbara!)

My latest column for The CEO Magazine sees Scott Morrison enjoying his move to the political centre. I still haven’t worked out whether this particular $1.5 billion a year bank liabilities tax is actually good policy. But it has at least some … Continue reading

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MacBook Air Bleg

A long time ago I ran Windows 98 and at least every 24 hours, though often more often I had to cold reboot it to make it work properly. Now, nearly twenty years after this was largely fixed in the Windows world, I have the … Continue reading

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