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Tot ziens Australie!

It’s been a great 15 years in Australia for me and the family, so we will be leaving lots of friends and colleagues behind as we seek new adventures in London, where from next week onwards  I will be part … Continue reading

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Drug Treatment Centers and Local Crime

by Samuel R. Bondurant, Jason M. Lindo, Isaac D. Swensen – #22610 (HC HE PE) Abstract: In this paper we estimate the effects of expanding access to substance-abuse treatment on local crime. We do so using an identification strategy that … Continue reading

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Weavers goes open source

Readers of this blog will be familiar with Family by Family, the service which matches families up with other families in coached, mentoring relationships to help families through tough times and lower the risk of them falling into crisis with all the … Continue reading

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Brexit and deliberative democracy: SPECIAL ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ FRONT PAGE REPOSTING

I fantasise about the day when the people who fancy themselves the champions of liberal capitalist democracy – you know the Business Class set – will realise that they are munching through the landscape and, as Schumpeter argued – following Marx – … Continue reading

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Henry Cole and the beginings of modern Patent law

At the end of 1850, the UK’s patent system and law was a  ‘exclusive law ‘ and it had been so for centuries.   Within 18 months things had changed.  The  July 1, 1852 “Patent Law Amendment Act”  meant that getting … Continue reading

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Asylum seeker policy: from brutal to bizarre

Former ABC Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes has predictably been pilloried on social media over the last few days for an article about asylum seeker policy that repeats some themes I have discussed here at Troppo over the years.  Holmes … Continue reading

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I don’t care who wins the federal election …

For mainstream and social media partisans the current prolonged election campaign is an essential life or death struggle for premiership victory by one’s chosen team. But to my way of thinking it doesn’t really matter very much which team wins.  … Continue reading

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