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Asylum seeker policy: from brutal to bizarre

Former ABC Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes has predictably been pilloried on social media over the last few days for an article about asylum seeker policy that repeats some themes I have discussed here at Troppo over the years.  Holmes … Continue reading

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I don’t care who wins the federal election …

For mainstream and social media partisans the current prolonged election campaign is an essential life or death struggle for premiership victory by one’s chosen team. But to my way of thinking it doesn’t really matter very much which team wins.  … Continue reading

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Realism about high-speed rail

Super-high-speed version: Australia has better things to do with $100 billion than building a high-speed rail line. It’s all summed up in this exchange from the ABC TV series Utopia: A new high speed rail proposal is being put to Malcolm Turnbull, … Continue reading

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Is destroying illegal ivory a really bad idea?

Governments around the world have in recent years destroyed their seized stockpiles of illegal ivory, egged on by the World Wildlife Federation which believes it sends a signal to gangs that kill Elephants and Rhinos for their tusks. In January, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Panama Papers

The leak of 11.5 million confidential papers from the Mossack Fonseca consulting firm in Panama promises to be a major source of information on the tax avoiding shenanigans of the elites. Already, 800 Australians are reportedly under investigation, and dozens … Continue reading

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More travesties of the proverbial: Law of the jungle edition

Keen readers of this blog will know that occasionally, just occasionally I identify a saying or concept which has somehow come to signify something close to the opposite of what its progenitor had intended. Examples include the theory of the second … Continue reading

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Imagining a new Refugee Convention

Paul Frijters’ fascinating post analysing Turkey’s successful employment of ruthless realpolitik tactics is fairly depressing. But maybe there’s some qualified good news hidden amongst all  the cynical manoeuvres.  Reported arrangements between the EU and Turkey for dealing with the massive … Continue reading

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