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The Death of Australian Children’s Broadcast Television Programming: by Patricia Edgar

The Director-General of the BBC has now conceded there is a crisis, with young people spending more time viewing Netflix and YouTube than they do BBC programs.  In July 2017 he announced the broadcaster’s biggest investment in children’s services in a generation … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and Ezra Klein venture within nano-metres of the gaslighting event-horizon

As I tweeted: I was gripped by this 2 hour intellectual brawl Would Ezra articulate compelling reasons for Sam Harris to rise to self-reflection? Or would Sam keep him at bay with his magic “I’m just after timeless scientific truth … Continue reading

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Banks, money and bootstrapping capital adequacy

Below is an extract from a recent academic article setting out – rather laboriously I have to say – three ‘theories’ – I’d rather call them ‘ways of seeing’ what banks do in our financial system. One approach sees them as financial intermediators meeting the needs … Continue reading

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An Ancient Greek idea could foil Brexit’s democratic tragedy

From today’s column in the Guardian UK. There’s a chasm between the will of the British people as expressed in their 52 percent vote for Brexit and their considered will. Turns out ordinary Britons deliberating amongst their peers think things … Continue reading

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Detoxing democracy – detoxing Brexit

As readers of my Twitter feed will know, I’m heading to London to give some seminars. One on the use and abuse of wellbeing to target policy at LSE, one on evidence-based policy at King’s College London Policy Institute and a public lecture titled “Detoxing … Continue reading

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EU plans for VAT taxation are doomed to fail. Again.

Taxation is the potential downfall of the EU as an institution. The reason is that within the EU, several member states are making money from the tax evasion in other member states, a situation akin to having a wife slowly … Continue reading

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Mike Pepperday – Time to Go: Should we begin the great task of our species – colonising space?

We are accustomed to the concept of colonising the solar system and populating the universe. We think of it as a project for the distant future but perhaps we should be getting on with it. I offer three reasons, any … Continue reading

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