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Patricia Edgar: What are Children’s Television Programs and should we preserve them? Part 2

The birth of a Children’s Television industry (Continued from Part One) No Children’s production industry in Australia can exist without a viable, film and television industry which must be sustained to tell Australian stories. That is a given. But what … Continue reading

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Patricia Edgar: What are Children’s Television Programs and should we preserve them? Part One of Three

‘Tell me a story!’ What child has not expressed those words? Children find the fantasy world a story transports them into, comforting, entertaining and enlightening. As a prelude to sleep stories allow them to dream the impossible. They explain the … Continue reading

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Solidarity when there are first mover options: Bankers starting to consider their political options

This is from Ian Rogers’ regular newsletter for the financial industry. There may be a dash for the exits from the rowdy sanctums of the Australian Bankers Association, with more than one bank jostling for first mover advantage and any … Continue reading

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Some Game of Thrones Season 8 speculation

Let me indulge, purely for entertainment value, in some fan-speculation on what we will see on-screen after the Long Night is over and the final 6 episodes Of Game of Thrones are run in 2019. Let me first talk about … Continue reading

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Leadership without careerism: is it possible?

Cross-posted from The Mandarin: Our world has been optimised to within an inch of its life. Usually from the top down. With the economic, social and organisational prizes accumulating more and more to those at the top, there’s growing anxiety … Continue reading

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How will shared autonomous electric vehicles change our cities? A Troppo challenge

This month’s print and online editions of The CEO Magazine include a piece by me on carmakers’ concerns about SAEVs – shared autonomous electric vehicles. Short version: the carmakers all believe that SAEVs will happen, and perhaps quite soon, probably sometime … Continue reading

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Where Game of Thrones misunderstands politics and religion

I am a big fan of the GOT books and series, loving Season 7 and salivating at Season 8 to come. Great escapism and fantastic acting and camerawork. Part of what I love about GOT is how it far more … Continue reading

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