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Leadership without careerism: is it possible?

Cross-posted from The Mandarin: Our world has been optimised to within an inch of its life. Usually from the top down. With the economic, social and organisational prizes accumulating more and more to those at the top, there’s growing anxiety … Continue reading

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How will shared autonomous electric vehicles change our cities? A Troppo challenge

This month’s print and online editions of The CEO Magazine include a piece by me on carmakers’ concerns about SAEVs – shared autonomous electric vehicles. Short version: the carmakers all believe that SAEVs will happen, and perhaps quite soon, probably sometime … Continue reading

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Where Game of Thrones misunderstands politics and religion

I am a big fan of the GOT books and series, loving Season 7 and salivating at Season 8 to come. Great escapism and fantastic acting and camerawork. Part of what I love about GOT is how it far more … Continue reading

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Scandinavian film festival

Why do the Swedes put barcodes on their ships? So they can Scandinavian. (Sorry about that). More seriously, this looks like a good haul of films. Festival Website | Films | Schedule Top Picks The Other Side of Hope (Opening … Continue reading

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Last week’s minimum wage hike risks job losses

My latest column at The CEO Magazine asks whether Australia’s 3.3 per cent minimum wage increase will cause any job losses. It focuses on a few pieces of research, including a new study of Seattle’s minimum wage hike, older work … Continue reading

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Genetic diversity is good for the economy!

High School Genetic Diversity and Later-life Student Outcomes: Micro-level Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study by C. Justin Cook, Jason M. Fletcher – #23520 (EFG LS) Abstract: A novel hypothesis posits that levels of genetic diversity in a population may … Continue reading

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A Good Walk Spoiled

From  Revisionist History In the middle of Los Angeles — a city with some of the most expensive real estate in the world — there are a half a dozen exclusive golf courses, massive expanses dedicated to the pleasure of … Continue reading

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