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From the Department of “Why didn’t I think of that”: A natty idea to encourage scientific replication

An Economic Approach to Alleviate the Crises of Confidence in Science: With an Application to the Public Goods Game by Luigi Butera, John A. List – #23335 (PE) Novel empirical insights by their very nature tend to be unanticipated, and … Continue reading

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Lessons from that United Airlines passenger-dragging incident

[Now with Louis CK bonus vid!] On the assumption that everyone in the online universe has now viewed the video of a plain-clothes policeman dragging a United Airlines passenger off his flight (see below), a few brief observations about United’s deeply … Continue reading

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Will robots take all our jobs? The long-run economic view.

A persistent modern fear is that artificial intelligence and robot technology will advance so much that smart robots will soon be able to perform many of the tasks that we humans currently earn our crust with. Since they will come … Continue reading

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Vale John Clark

John Clark died yesterday,   a very sad day, he will be greatly missed RIP. This is my all time favorite piece of satire.  Am sure that  troppo can come up with more.

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Theming …

Speak of the devil. Just after rehearsing my enthusiasm (not) for all things ‘themed’, I’m pleased to record things being taken to a new level on the Opera Australia website. The hazlenut-and-grain-fed Troppo bull Roger will be in attendance and will be ritually slaughtered … Continue reading

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Organisational culture and the generative commons: The ethics of buzzwords

Here’s a list of buzzwords. I want to make a quick point. Note that there are very few ugly neologisms there – or even expressions that don’t have clear meanings. Most of the expressions have very clear meanings. Indeed, some of … Continue reading

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Further developments in the imaginary world

A favourite comedian of mine, Stewart Lee, seems to be getting with the program. Our extensive contacts with the Russian Embassy in Washington report that despite attempts to cover his tracks with the timestamping of the Youtube upload, this non-imaginary … Continue reading

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