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Two of the ozplogosphere’s most prominent pseudonymous bloggers, Professor Bunyip and Gummo Trotsky, are having a squabble about stoning adulterous Nigerian women to death. Bunyip reckons Fairfax journo Pamela Bone (and presumably Gummo) is an inconsistent leftie and a willing tool of the Muslim feminist movement (?) for advocating that western opponents of the stoning of Nigerian woman Amina Lawal should desist from emailing letters and petitions of protest for fear of provoking the mullahs. Gummo reckons Bunyip is, well, just a tool.

I have a solution. Someone should accept one of those 60 million dollar email offers from a prominent Nigerian public figure. When the millions arrive in your bank account (as they surely will), you can use them to bribe the mullahs into agreeing not to stone Amina. It makes at least as much sense as sending emails and protest letters to Nigeria.

On the other hand, is Pamela Bone (or Gummo) seriously suggesting that we should simply do nothing and place our trust in the mullahs’ mercy? There are almost always women under sentence of death by stoning in Nigeria, and the necessary result of following Pamela Bone’s advice is that we would be passively condoning this evil practice in perpetuity.

Sure it’s a dumb idea to send letters and emails to Nigeria. But we certainly should be pressuring western governments to begin exerting all possible diplomatic, economic and (if all else fails) military pressure on regimes like this to take decisive action against barbarous religiously-driven practices. Of course, that would require some on the left to engage in real critical analysis of their comfortable moral and cultural relativism, and conclude that fundamentalist Islam is a downright evil ideology that shouldn’t be placated, condoned or accommodated. That isn’t “new imperialism” or “colonialist”, unless you’re an airhead like Pamela Bone.

Actually, to be fair to Bone, she doesn’t actually defend fundamentalist Islam as such, she just thinks it’s “largely been dreamed up by men to suit men”, and is best combatted from within the culture rather than by interfering westerners. That sounds very much like the same leftie argument that conceded Saddam Hussein was an evil bastard, but asserted it was up to Iraqis to get rid of him despite the patently suicidal nature of any such attempt. In the interests of non-sexist abuse, and on Scott Wickstein’s suggestion, Pamela Bone is a silly punce (rather than a twat).

About Ken Parish

Ken Parish is a legal academic, with research areas in public law (constitutional and administrative law), civil procedure and teaching & learning theory and practice. He has been a legal academic for almost 20 years. Before that he ran a legal practice in Darwin for 15 years and was a Member of the NT Legislative Assembly for almost 4 years in the early 1990s.
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Gummo Trotsky
2024 years ago


For the current state of play, see this. It’s the most up to date article I could Google.

As for what we do – well one suggestion at the (not quite) Baobab site is to sling a few readies in the general direction of the human rights campaigners in Nigeria and let them get on with it.

Gummo Trotsky
2024 years ago

Durr! No links in comments! Here it is:


2024 years ago

My reading of Gummo’s post was that emails/letters now would be counterproductive. There are still several appeal stages before she is to be stoned. After she has exhausted her appeals, and if she still faces execution, then we should start tapping out emails.

2024 years ago

population: 280,562,489
executions in 2002: 71

population: 129,934,911
executions in 2002: 1


The USA is the world’s most efficient incarcerator; specialises in locking up non-white offenders, and then putting them to work.


Sharia law is a recent ‘innovation’ to many Nigerian states, and use of the death penalty is likely to increase.


Crime and punishment is a complex issue; all fundamentalists (mad mullahs, shock jocks, Texans) are suspect.

Scott Wickstein
2024 years ago

YES! My innovation is spreading! Go you good thing!

2024 years ago

Were any of the US prisoners executed for “Adultery” Nardo? If not, how is it relevant?

2024 years ago

Yobbo, I think some of them were executed for not being white at the time of the crime.

I don’t believe people should be incarcerated or killed for ‘moral’ issues, like smoking weed, injecting heroin or fcuking about.

2024 years ago

You know very well that the US doesn’t execute people for anything of the sort. Neither does it execute people based on race.

Blacks commit a much higher proportion of murders in the US than whites. Ergo, a higher proportion face the death penalty. Or do you think they should receive lighter sentencing because they are an “oppressed minority”?

2024 years ago

Yobbo, my observation was that, in the USA, skin colour is a significant factor in whether you’re arrested, incarcerated and/or executed. Under Sharia law, your gender can get you killed. Neither sounds right to me.

The other part of my fuzzy analogy: ‘victimless crimes’, such as adultery and self-administering drugs, should not be punished by incarceration or death.

Finally, I think your concern for Nigerian women is admirable.

2024 years ago

You are the one who decided the event was a good chance to attack everything you hate about America, not me.

I just did you the favour of pointing out that you are talking out of your arse. How many Japanese-Americans are on death row in America? How many Indian-Americans? They aren’t white either, you know…

2024 years ago

easy now, Yobbo — you’ll bust a blood vessel (although your concern for the USA is admirable)

fundamentalists come in all shades and sizes, not just with turbans on top

and speaking of Nigeria, sad loss recently of Olikoye Ransome-Kuti… his final public appearance shows his frustrations with another fundamentalist group: