Does My Guilt Look Big In This?

This interesting feature from the Washington Post canvasses the emergent academic field of – yes – “White Studies.” Before you’re overwhelmed with images of white sheet wearers, burning crosses and rousing choruses of the Horst Wessel Lied, I should offer some reassurance: White Studies isn’t about celebrating whiteness. Au contraire …….

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Rob Schaap
2024 years ago

G’day Geoff,

What little I know about this suggests the ‘white in the title refers to the concept of whiteness and the historical role it’s had since its inception (which it typically dates to the 16th century, if memory serves). Guess the implication is that the way we do this particular mode of prejudice was a function of modern imperialism and slavery rather than its explanation.

All of the above is subject to change if I find out I’m inventing rather than remembering.