Zello II

General Mike Jeffery’s appointment to Yarralumla has had a curious Papal tone to it, given his stated commitment to emulating the Papacy…I mean, Governor-Generalship of Sir Zelman Cowen. Just like John Paul I emulating Popes John XXIII and Paul VI. Or John Paul II emulating John Paul I. Perhaps Mike is planning to be known as Zello II? More worryingly, he also threatened that he, like Ninian Stephen, wished to reflect us back to ourselves, that he was “humble” (sorry, “humble” and “General” go together like “stripper” and “saint” ) and that he was donating his military pension to charity for the duration of his appointment. No mention thus far of daily self-flagellation sessions on behalf of the nation, or an intention to run the Viceroyalty from a modest little 3 BR B&T in Curtin c/w self-drive Ute; a treat in store maybe.

He seems a decent bloke and if you’re stuck with the position, you could do a lot worse. Just hold the hype. To paraphrase Groucho Marx’ famous comment about not wanting to join any organisation that would have him as a member – the nation isn’t ready for a GG that might reflect me back to myself. Trust me!

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2021 years ago

What about his pension from serving as a two-time WA Governor?

2021 years ago

I’ve just read in the Sydney Morning Herald that “He received no pension after his seven-year term as governor of Western Australia.” Also, he contributed to his military pension, so giving it up is pretty cool.

2021 years ago

well..i seem to have completely lost interest in the GG debate. i think the only reason i cared about hollingworth was because of what he had unfortunately come to symbolise regarding child abuse. anyway, wake me when there’s a republic.