Real Men

Lots of Rugby news over at RWC Round Up but I can’t agree with the list of posers (def; drink in lounge bars and sit down to piss) so I’ve decided to show you some of the players I admire most. Sure they may have faces only a mother could love but they are the one’s that, at the coal face, make it happen.

UPDATE: If you’d like to understand why rugby is important to some people read this by Russell Brown.

jo_veitayaki.jpgThe coach had trouble finding a prop for the national team so Jo shed 30 kgs and came to Oz to play.

gordie.jpgWot yoo got up yer kilt eh jimmy?

johnson.jpgThe dirtiest player in World Rugby eh… I’ll show you what I do to mouthy boks…

keith wood.jpgWhat about that try, there’s a few more games in the old legs yet !

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Stewart Kelly
Stewart Kelly
2022 years ago

*looks real defensive*

What’s wrong with sitting down to piss? It’s more comfortable.