When Wise Men Call With Tidings….

According to ABC News, Ray, Faulkner and McMullan – The Three Wise Men – have popped in today to see their parliamentary leader to impart the news that he no longer enjoys the majority support of the ALP caucus. Should he not avail himself of the opportunity to step down in the meantime, a spill vote reportedly looms for Tuesday.

Given that Kim Beazley doesn’t appear to be the recipient of Crean’s eroding support, physics would seem to indicate the necessity for a third candidate to emerge to fill the vacuum. Will it be Kevin “Good to Be With You” Rudd? Lindsay Tanner? Stephen Smith? It won’t be Mark Latham who seems to have managed to generate rare cross-factional consensus around the view that he’s an irritating, up-himself flake – will it?

Crean is apparently “sleeping on it’ tonight. We’ll see.

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Gummo Trotsky
2021 years ago

… and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; Wusthof, and Sabatier, and Wiltshire Stay-Sharp.

Gary Sauer-Thompson
2021 years ago

Who cares?

2021 years ago

Not that clean, Gummo. There’d have to be a bread knife, surely. All those nice serrations….