How Do Bloggers Holiday?

Indeed, do bloggers holiday? Most people – certainly in our part of the real world – seem to feel obliged to at least pay lip service to the notion of “the break” at this time of the year. There’s something a bit suspicious – even tragic – about being seen to pass up the communal pleasures of ham, sand and sunburn for a lonely keyboard voyage, even in wintry Washington. Andrew Sullivan engaged the almost as luminous Dan Drezner to do a locum. Tim Dunlop went to New Orleans and checked out beignets while, back home, Bernard Slattery went to Warnambool. Christopher Sheil went up to tres chic Palmy and arrived back in the blogosphere on the very day that some social columnist declared Palmy passe. However, given that this news was conveyed in the Tele – and cited Coogee and as it’s environs as the new hot place to hang out – I’m a bit dubious about it’s accuracy.

Tim Blair, on the other hand, pushed his already prodigious output to the sort of heights that “Protestant work ethic-infused zealot”, doesn’t really do justice to. In the light of this accomplishment, I have to say that his self-proclaimed image as a hard-drinkin’, hard-smokin’ high-livin’ RWDB man is looking a bit tattered. I’m thinking he’s more your abstemious, cottage cheese and endless typing kind of bloke.

CIS Research Fellow Andrew Norton took time out to tackle the Big Question over at Catallaxy: “Why are lesbians – and Guy Rundle – fat?” Meanwhile, James Russell just cruised on like a well-oiled machine.

Me? I read and indulged episodically in celebratory hedonistic excess. Quite refreshing.

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2024 years ago

Geoff, you’ll pleased to know that *this* RWDB took the opportunity to give up blogging for 2 weeks in favour of excessive drinking, doing burnouts in utes and chasing tail. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didnt.

That is all.

Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2024 years ago

Sam, I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

2024 years ago

Hi from Hong Kong!

James Russell
2024 years ago

Exploiting those press junkets already, Parker? Good to see!