Staggering Insight.

The year is hardly underway, but those who like compiling annual “you wouldn’t believe it” lists, should note the ambitious, early bid for inclusion that Piers Akerman makes in today’s Tele. I quote from midway down his fevered – though strangely familiar – expose on the the evil Communistic plans of incompetent Democratic presidential candidates to wrest the White House away from George Bush just like Latham is trying to do to our own dear Queen yada, yada, yada:

“….. just as Mr Latham, who this week reiterated his opposition to Australia’s involvement no matter what the reason (my emphasis), is trying to paint himself as the anti-Bush and anti-Howard candidate.”

Latham is trying to paint himself as anti-Howard ? What shoddy, political chicanery is this? Is there no end to the knavery of this Jackanapes? It’s January. Eleven long months of these singular insights lie ahead. Enjoy.

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David Tiley
2022 years ago

I love a joke with a big vocabulary. “Jackanapes” indeed. This promises an entertaining year from the Troppo playpen.

Gummo Trotsky
2022 years ago

I liked this bit:

The media focus on Dean is however instructive as it highlights how obsessed members of the effete liberal press are with seeking candidates who mirror their own prejudices

2022 years ago

no matter how removed those prejudices are from the views of ordinary voters

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Dean is the Democratic frontrunner, is he not? And yet the media is supposed to ignore him because Piers deems his views unacceptable?

2022 years ago

crafty elision on Godwin hypothesis subject matter Go Gummo!

limp wristed liberal is entering the debate on Dean in the US, as usual Piers is just trawling the US for local consumption, he gets to digest it first so no wonder the organic matter on the printed page is somewhat on the nose by this stage

Dave Ricardo
Dave Ricardo
2022 years ago

My favourite piece of the Piers’ piece is his excoriation of Howard Dean as a “third generation Yale graduate”.

Apparently, this is a disqualification to be President of the United States.

Just one problem with Piers’ argument. Dubya is also a third generation Yale graduate. Oh well…

2022 years ago

“My favourite piece of the Piers’ piece is his excoriation of Howard Dean as a “third generation Yale graduate”.

Apparently, this is a disqualification to be President of the United State”

In all fairness Dave, Ackerman doesn’t even come close to suggesting that, what it looks to me is that he is using the Yale connection to mock Deans attempts to portray himself as a man of the people.(which, in itself, is hardly fair)

The quote in context:
” Dean, a medical doctor married to another medical doctor (who has only once appeared at an election function with him), is a former governor of one of America’s smallest states, Vermont, a former resident of Park Avenue (one of the ritziest addresses in the world), and a third generation Yale graduate.

His CV, in short, is rolled gold but he favours rolled-up shirt sleeves and has made a habit of presenting himself as a folksy, if belligerent, man-of-the-people populist. The similarity with Mr Latham is clear

Homer Paxton
Homer Paxton
2022 years ago

Mr Dean is more conservative than George Bush in economics which I applaud however he is a social liberal which I deplore.

George Bush is the opposite.

Trying to put one candidate as conservative and one as liberal is either lazy journalism or poorly researched journalism.