Bhutani days

You’re Bhutan!
With the body of a gnat and the mind of a dragon, you are a bundle
of energy.  You enjoy mountain-climbing, rock-climbing, stair-climbing, pretty much any kind of climbing you can manage.  This has lifted you into the clouds in more than one way, helping you achieve some inner peace above the fray of madness all around you.  People would seek you out for advice if they could ever find you.

Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

Don’t know about the climbing, although it has been a bit of a Sisyphian existence over the last few years. Maybe this is the prelude to some sort of Nietzschean ascension. Now where did I put that boulder?

Hoping for a rise in Gross Domestic Happiness in coming years. Maybe I’ll just have to fudge the figures.

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