Acosta-ing the Opposition with Contempt

The Hon. MICHAEL COSTA: This censure motion is a joke, just like everything else that Opposition members do in this House. I have absolute contempt for Opposition members because they are lazy, they do not produce policies and they do not do their homework. That is why I have contempt for them. They should give their salaries to the members of the press gallery because they are the people who prepare questions for them. Every question I am asked by Opposition members is a regurgitation of some newspaper article. They ought to give their salaries to members of the press gallery. A number of journalists are doing all the hard work for these lazy Opposition members.

Opposition members are unemployable and lazy, and they know it. They come into this Chamber and regurgitate articles that have been published in the Daily Telegraph or the Sydney Morning Herald. They do not provide the response that has already been published in those articles, but they still ask me questions. Opposition members have nothing but contempt for the people of New South Wales. That is the way in which they perform. They are lazy and incompetent, and their shadow Minister is lazy and incompetent. The public will never vote for Opposition members. Opposition members should remember that they were comprehensively rejected at the last election because they are lazy. They should donate their salaries to members of the press gallery. All they do is regurgitate articles that are taken from the newspapers. If they continue to do that they will get the response from me that they deserve, which is nothing but contempt. I have contempt for the Leader of the Opposition in particular because he is pathetic.


The Leader of the Opposition will have to explain to everybody why he made so many mistakes when he delivered his underprepared speech. A tactic that has been developed by the Leader of the Opposition, which is consistent with his parish strategy, is to move a silly motion so he does not have to do the hard work. He does not like doing hard work. Opposition members are lazy. They should hand over their salaries to members of the press gallery. I admit that I have nothing but contempt for members of the Opposition. They are lazy, incompetent and underprepared and they do not take the New South Wales public seriously. They come into this Chamber after having read articles in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph, they cobble together questions five minutes before question time and they expect to be taken seriously. It is a joke! I welcome this censure motion as it reflects the standards of Opposition members. They are lazy, incompetent and underprepared. It is an honour to have a censure motion moved against me because Opposition members are lazy, incompetent and underprepared.

Just in case you missed the key points

1. Costa has “contempt” for those on the other side of the benches
2. Opposition – lazy, incompotent (Sadly half true)
3. The Coalition members should donate their salaries to the press gallery

Do I smell a whiff of the fall of PJK all over again?

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Jacques Chester
2024 years ago

It’s a case of playing to the soundbite.

He repeats himself over and over, to ensure that the TV media will pick out a 10 second grab that covers the three points you have mentioned.

These days a lot of parliamentary speech is flatly redundant, because it is just so oriented.

Pretty sad, really.

Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2024 years ago

He looked like Mole from “Wind in the Willows,” on speed, in the video clip.

2024 years ago

I have contempt for the way you have raised this issue.
The way you have raised this issue is contemptible.
The way you have raised this issue fills me with contempt.
Contempt is what fills me when thinking about your raising of this issue.