Blogging About Not Blogging

I’m not currently blogging – you didn’t notice? Oh. Anyway it’s terrific that Ken is blogging. The reason I’m not blogging is pretty much directly related to a deadline drawing ever closer. Early next week I’m due to deliver a draft submission in respect of the Australia/US Free Trade Agreement to the community health organisation that contracted me to prepare it. They plan to submit it to federal parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, if it’s OK. They’ll also hopefully pay me, if it’s OK, which is always nice.

Unfortunately, the intricacies of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme pale in comparison with the rich cornucopia of offerings available from the blogosphere, which – combined with a certain innate procrastination – has led me astray. I’m also due at drinks at 5pm. Back to it.

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David Tiley
2021 years ago

Anything you have to offer about PBS and FTA would be gratefully appreciated.

Geoff Honnor
Geoff Honnor
2021 years ago

David, I’m happy to bore you rigid once I’ve delivered on the deal next week. You have been warned…..